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2019-07A tensorial shear stress sensor based on light-emitting GaN nanopillarsSui, Jingyang; Chung, Kunook; Tian, Feng; Ku, Pei-ChengARTICLE172
2017-07Color mixing from monolithically integrated InGaN-based light-emitting diodes by local strain engineeringChung, Kunook; Sui, Jingyang; Demory, Brandon; Ku, Pei-ChengARTICLE256
2019-12Feasibility study of nanopillar LED array for color-tunable lighting and beyondChung, Kunook; Sui, Jingyang; Sarwar, Tuba; Ku, Pei-ChengARTICLE187
2017-05-14Individually addressable micron-sized LED color pixels with integrated condenser lensesDemory, Brandon; Chung, Kunook; Sui, Jingyang; Sui, JCONFERENCE46
2018-04Integrated parabolic nanolenses on MicroLED color pixelsDemory, Brandon; Chung, Kunook; Katcher, Adam; Sui, Jingyang; Deng, Hui; Ku, Pei-ChengARTICLE239
2017-03Monolithic integration of individually addressable light-emitting diode color pixelsChung, Kunook; Sui, Jingyang; Demory, Brandon; Teng, Chu-Hsiang; Ku, Pei-ChengARTICLE255
2019-10-24Strain Engineered Semiconductor Nanopillars for Optoelectronic Device ApplicationsChung, Kunook; Sui, Jingyang; Ku, Pei-ChengCONFERENCE62
2019-05-06Tensorial Shear Stress Sensing Using Elliptically-Shaped Nanopillar Light-Emitting DiodesChung, Kunook; Tian, Feng; Sui, Jingyang; Ku, Pei-ChengCONFERENCE59
2019-05-09Transparent Displays Using Strain-Engineered Nanopillar Light-Emitting DiodesChung, Kunook; Sui, Jingyang; Ku, Pei-ChengCONFERENCE81
Showing results 1 to 9 of 9