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2004-01A SPICE model of realistic single-electron transistors and its application to multiple-valued logicSong, KW; Kim, Kyung Rok; Lee, JD; Park, BG; Lee, SH; Kim, DHARTICLE844
2006-05Analytical modeling of field-induced interband tunneling-effect transistors and its applicationSong, SH; Kim, Kyung Rok; Kang, SW; Kim, JH; Huh, JI; Kang, KC; Song, KW; Lee, JD; Park, BGARTICLE844
2004-04Analytical modeling of realistic single-electron transistors based on metal-oxide-semiconductor structure with a unique distribution function in the Coulomb-Blockade oscillation regionKim, Kyung Rok; Song, KW; Kim, DH; Baek, G; Kim, HH; Huh, JI; Lee, JD; Park, BGARTICLE809
2005-04Complementary self-biased logics based on single-electron transistor (SET)/CMOS hybrid processSong, KW; Lee, YK; Sim, JS; Kim, Kyung Rok; Lee, JD; Park, BG; You, YS; Park, JO; Jin, YS; Kim, YWARTICLE864
2003-05-16Complementary Self-Biased Scheme for the Robust Design of CMOS/SET Hybrid Multi-Valued LogicKim, Kyung Rok; Song, KW; Lee, SH; Kim, DH; Kyung, J; Baek, G; Lee, CA; Lee, JD; Park, BGCONFERENCE118
2005-05Field-induced interband tunneling effect transistor (FITET) with negative-differential transconductance and negative-differential conductanceKim, Kyung Rok; Kim, HH; Song, KW; Huh, JI; Lee, JD; Park, BGARTICLE864
2004-06Silicon-based field-induced band-to-band tunneling effect transistorKim, Kyung Rok; Kim, DH; Song, KW; Baek, G; Kim, HH; Huh, JI; Lee, JD; Park, BGARTICLE821
2003-09Single-electron transistors fabricated with sidewall spacer patterningPark, BG; Kim, DH; Kim, Kyung Rok; Song, KW; Lee, JDARTICLE753
Showing results 1 to 8 of 8