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2018-04A study of thermal decomposition of phases in cementitious systems using HT-XRD and TGSong, Haemin; Jeong, Yeonung; Bae, Sungchul; Jun, Yubin; Yoon, Seyoon; Oh, Jae EunARTICLE720
2020-07Development of a clinker-free white binder of one-part CaO-activated GGBFS with TiO2 additionSim, Sungwon; Jeon, Dongho; Yum, Woo Sung; Song, Haemin; Kim, Hoon; Oh, Jae EunARTICLE198
2018-12Gypsum-Dependent Effect of NaCl on Strength Enhancement of CaO-Activated Slag BindersSim, Sungwon; Lee, Hwan; Jeon, Dongho; Song, Haemin; Yum, Woo Sung; Kim, Dohoon; Suh, Jung-Il; Oh, Jae EunARTICLE393
2019-11Influence of calcium nitrate and sodium nitrate on strength development and properties in quicklime(CaO)-activated Class F fly ash systemSuh, Jung-Il; Yum, Woo Sung; Song, Haemin; Park, Hong-Gun; Oh, Jae EunARTICLE203
2018-10Recycling of limestone fines using Ca(OH)2- and Ba(OH)2-activated slag systems for eco-friendly concrete brick productionYum, Woo Sung; Jeong, Yeonung; Song, Haemin; Oh, Jae EunARTICLE386
2019-11Recycling of Reverse Osmosis (RO) Reject Water as a Mixing Water of Calcium Sulfoaluminate (CSA) Cement for Brick ProductionLee, Hwan; Jeon, Dongho; Song, Haemin; Sim, Sung Won; Kim, Dohoon; Yu, Juan; Cho, Kyung Hwa; Oh, Jae EunARTICLE206
2018-11The temperature-dependent action of sugar in the retardation and strength improvement of Ca(OH)2-Na2CO3-activated fly ash systems through calcium complexationJeon, Dongho; Yum, Woo Sung; Song, Haemin; Sim, Sungwon; Oh, Jae EunARTICLE411
2020-12Use of Coal Bottom Ash and CaO-CaCl2-Activated GGBFS Binder in the Manufacturing of Artificial Fine Aggregates through Cold-Bonded PelletizationJeon, Dongho; Yum, Woo Sung; Song, Haemin; Yoon, Seyoon; Bae, Younghoon; Oh, Jae EunARTICLE73
2017-11-02석회석 슬러지를 건설재료로 재활용하기 위한 초기 연구Yum, Woo Sung; Sim, SungWon; Song, Haemin; Oh, Jae EunCONFERENCE38
Showing results 1 to 9 of 9