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2018-11A Portable Phase-Domain Magnetic Induction Tomography Transceiver with Phase-Band Auto-Tracking and Frequency-Sweep CapabilitiesPark, Chan Sam; Jeon, Jiyun; Oh, Byungjoo; Chae, Hee Young; Park, Kyeonghwan; Son, Hungsun; Kim, Jae JoonARTICLE216
2018-02Active Control of Magnetic Field Using eDMP Model for Biomedical ApplicationsJeon, Jiyun; Son, HungsunARTICLE239
2010-12Analysis of Pole Configurations of Permanent-Magnet Spherical ActuatorsYan, Liang; Chen, I-Ming; Son, Hungsun; Lim, Chee Kian; Yang, GuilinARTICLE123
2018-12Comments on Dual-Band Design Theory for Dual Transmission-Line TransformerSinha, Rakesh; Son, HungsunARTICLE167
2017-11Comments on “Microstrip T-Junction Power Divider With Exponentially Tapered Transmission Lines”Sinha, Rakesh; Chatterjee, Ranadhir; Son, HungsunARTICLE229
2015-03Computational efficiency of meshfree methods with local-coordinates algorithmChan, Wei Xuan; Son, Hungsun; Yoon, Yong-JinARTICLE493
2014-03Control system design and input shape for orientation of spherical wheel motorSon, Hungsun; Lee,Kok-MengARTICLE610
2010-06Design and dynamic analysis of an arch-type desktop reconfigurable machineSon, Hungsun; Choi, Hae-Jin; Park, Hyung WookARTICLE559
2010Design of multi-DOF electromagnetic actuators using distributed multipole models and image methodSon, Hungsun; Bai, Kun; Lim, Jungyoul; Lee, Kok-MengARTICLE161
2017-01Development of prediction model for root industry production process using artificial neural networkBak, Chanbeom; Son, HungsunARTICLE566
2007-10Distributed multipole model for design of permanent-magnet-based actuatorsLee, Kok-Meng; Son, HungsunARTICLE239
2008-04Distributed multipole models for design and control of PM actuators and sensorsSon, Hungsun; Lee, Kok-MengARTICLE142
2013-08Effects of Magnetic Pole Design on Orientation Torque for a Spherical MotorGuo Jinjun; Kim, Dong-Hoon; Son, HungsunARTICLE555
2011-05Highly stable and sensitive glucose biosensor based on covalently assembled high density Au nanostructuresSi, Peng; Kannan, Palanisamy; Guo, Longhua; Son, Hungsun; Kim, Dong-HwanARTICLE212
2014-05Influence of substrate heating on hole geometry and spatter area in femtosecond laser drilling of siliconJiao, L.S.; Moon, S.K.; Ng, E.Y.K.; Zheng, H.Y.; Son, HungsunARTICLE493
2019-05Magnetic Induction Tomography Using Magnetic Dipole and Lumped Parameter ModelJeon, Jiyun; Chung, Wonmo; Son, HungsunARTICLE37
2017-12Multi-scan smoothing for tracking manoeuvering target trajectory in heavy cluttered environmentMemon, Sufyan; Son, Hungsun; Memon, Kashif Hussain; Ansari, ArsalanARTICLE196
2017-10Multidegree-of-Freedom Motion Platform Based on Spherical WheelsLee, Seong-Min; Son, HungsunARTICLE314
2010-10Open-Loop Controller Design and Dynamic Characteristics of a Spherical Wheel MotorSon, Hungsun; Lee, Kok-MengARTICLE143
Showing results 1 to 20 of 29