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2015-10-292D Thermal Analysis of a Cask using an Advanced Neutron Absorbing Material under Normal ConditionSohn, Dong-Seong; 이희재; 김미진CONFERENCE47
2017-09-12A new Method to Enhance the Oxidation Resistance of a Zirconium Alloy Cladding: High-Temperature Pre-OxidationLee, Cheol Min; Cho, Tae Won; Jeong, Gwan Yoon; Kim, Mijin; Lee, Hee Jae; Kim, Ji Hyeon; Sohn, Dong-SeongCONFERENCE58
2015-05-07A study on Rack Thickness Effect for Spent Fuel Pool StorageSohn, Dong-Seong; 김미진; 이희재CONFERENCE44
2006-12A two-zone method with an enhanced accuracy for a numerical solution of the diffusion equationCheon, Jin-Sik; Koo, Yang-Hyun; Lee, Byung-Ho; Oh, Je-Yong; Sohn, Dong-SeongARTICLE1747
2015-09-21Absorber Contents and Wall Thickness of Efficient Used Nuclear Fuel StorageSohn, Dong-Seong; Kim, Mi Jin; Lee, Hee-JaeCONFERENCE33
2017-09-10Accident analysis of spent fuel storage and transportation cask with gd based neutron absorberKim, M; Sohn, Dong-SeongCONFERENCE44
2008-02An extension of the two-zone method for evaluating a fission gas release under an irradiation-induced resolution fluxCheon, Jin-Sik; Koo, Yang-Hyun; Lee, Byung-Ho; Oh, Jae-Yong; Sohn, Dong-SeongARTICLE704
2015-06-09Analysis of Creep and Mass Relocation of U-Mo/Al Dispersion FuelJeong, Gwan Yoon; Kim, Yeon Soo; Sohn, Dong-SeongCONFERENCE48
2014-05-29Analysis of Current HT9 Creep Correlations and ModificationSohn, Dong-SeongCONFERENCE6
2017-04Application of a Dynamic-Nanoindentation Method to Analyze the Local Structure of an Fe-18 at.% Gd Cast AlloyChoi, Yong; Baik, Youl; Moon, Byung M.; Sohn, Dong-SeongARTICLE579
2014-09-19Axial temperature distribution of a high temperature corrosion test specimenSohn, Dong-SeongCONFERENCE5
2008-07Behavior of unirradiated Zr based uranium metal fuel under reactivity initiated accident conditionsKoo, Yang-Hyun; Lee, Chong-Tak; Oh, Je-Yong; Sohn, Dong-Seong; Baryshnikov, M.; Chechurov, A.; Margulis, B.ARTICLE598
2014-10-30Breakaway Oxidation of Constrained Zirlo at 1000℃Lee, Cheol Min; Baek, Je-Kyun; Sohn, Dong-SeongCONFERENCE32
2016-08-03CFD Analysis of Dry Spent Fuel Storage with Advanced Neutron Absorber under Normal ConditionLee, Hee Jae; Kim, Mi Jin; Jeong, Gwan Yoon; Cho, Tae Won; Lee, Cheol Min; Kim, Ji-Hyeon; Sohn, Dong-SeongCONFERENCE64
2008-01Characteristics of GdxMyOz (M = Ti, Zr or Al) as a burnable absorberKim, Han Soo; Joung, Chang Yong; Lee, Byung Ho; Kim, Si Hyung; Sohn, Dong-SeongARTICLE640
2019-02Corrosion and mechanical properties of hot-rolled 0.5%Gd-0.8%B-stainless steels in a simulated nuclear waste treatment solutionJung, Moo Young; Baik, Youl; Choi, Yong; Sohn, Dong-SeongARTICLE338
2016-02Corrosion and Wear Properties of Cold Rolled 0.087% Gd Lean Duplex Stainless Steels for Neutron Absorbing MaterialChoi, Yong; Baik, Youl; Moon, Byung M.; Sohn, Dong-SeongARTICLE819
2018-12Dependence of thickness, morphology, and crystallographic properties of Mo and ZrN coatings on U-Mo substrate sizeKim, Ji-Hyeon; Jeong, Gwan Yoon; Kim, Sunghwan; Jeong, Yong Jin; Park, Jong Man; Sohn, Dong-SeongARTICLE420
2014-09-19Development of a creep correlation for HT9Sohn, Dong-SeongCONFERENCE4
2019-08Development of integral type spent fuel pool storage rack with gadolinium and europium-containing structure materialsKim, Mi Jin; Kim, Wonkyeong; Lee, Deokjung; Lemaire, Matthieu; Lee, Hee-Jae; Sohn, Dong-Seong; Kwon, HyukjooARTICLE339
Showing results 1 to 20 of 116