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2019-06A novel framework of detecting convective initiation combining automated sampling, machine learning, and repeated model tuning from geostationary satellite dataHan, Daehyeon; Lee, Juhyun; Im, Jungho; Sim, Seongmun; Lee, Sanggyun; Han, HyangsunARTICLE934
2022-10An Advanced Operational Approach for Tropical Cyclone Center Estimation Using Geostationary-Satellite-Based Water Vapor and Infrared ChannelsShin, Yeji; Lee, Juhyun; Im, Jungho; Sim, SeongmunARTICLE243
2021-10Detection of arctic summer melt ponds using icesat-2 altimetry dataHan, Daehyeon; Kim, Young Jun; Jung, Sihun; Sim, Seongmun; Kim, Woohyeok; Jang, Eunna; Im, Jungho; Kim, Hyun-CheolARTICLE497
2015-11-03Detection of melt ponds on sea ice in the Chukchi Sea in summer season using TerraSAR-X dual-polarization dataIm, Jungho; Kim, M; Han, Hyangsun; Sim, SeongmunCONFERENCE459
2020-02-17Development of Red Tide Detection Algorithm using GOCI Image based on Random ForestKim, Youngjun; Kim, Wonkook; Im, Jungho; Sim, SeongmunCONFERENCE512
2020-02-20Estimation of Arctic Sea Ice Thickness using Passive MicrowaveHan, Daehyeon; Kim, Youngjun; Im, Jungho; Sim, Seongmun; Jang, Eunna; Kim, HyuncheolCONFERENCE426
2022-10Estimation of High Resolution Sea Surface Salinity Using Multi Satellite Data and Machine LearningSung, Taejun; Sim, Seongmun; Jang, Eunna; Im, JunghoARTICLE582
2020-02-17Estimation of Sea Surface Salinity Around the Korean Peninsula Using Machine LearningJang, Eunna; Im, Jungho; Kim, Youngjun; Sim, SeongmunCONFERENCE446
2021-08Estimation of Spatially Continuous Near-Surface Relative Humidity Over Japan and South KoreaPark, Haemi; Lee, Junghee; Yoo, Cheolhee; Sim, Seongmun; Im, JunghoARTICLE497
2015-11-11Icing detection from geostationary satellite data over Korea and Japan using machine learning approachesIm, Jungho; Sim, Seongmun; Ha, Seonghyeon; Lee, JungheeCONFERENCE327
2018-04Icing detection over East Asia from geostationary satellite data using machine learning approachesSim, Seongmun; Im, Jungho; Park, Sumin; Park, Haemi; Ahn, Myoung Hwan; Chan, Pak-waiARTICLE794
2023-08Improved Ocean-Fog Monitoring Using Himawari-8 Geostationary Satellite Data Based on Machine Learning With SHAP-Based Model InterpretationSim, Seongmun; Im, JunghoARTICLE66
2020-02-17Ocean Fog Detection using Himawari-8 data over the Yellow sea with Machine Learning ApproachesSim, Seongmun; Im, Jungho; Jang, Eunna; Kim, YoungjunCONFERENCE529
2016-01Retrieval of Melt Ponds on Arctic Multiyear Sea Ice in Summer from TerraSAR-X Dual-Polarization Data Using Machine Learning Approaches: A Case Study in the Chukchi Sea with Mid-Incidence Angle DataHan, Hyangsun; Kim, Miae; Sim, Seongmun; Kim, Jinwoo; Kim, Duk-jin; Kang, Sung-Ho; Im, JunghoARTICLE1156
2020-01Tropical Cyclone Intensity Estimation Using Multi-Dimensional Convolutional Neural Networks from Geostationary Satellite DataLee, Juhyun; Im, Jungho; Cha, Dong-Hyun; Park, Haemi; Sim, SeongmunARTICLE851
2020-10Wildfire Severity Mapping Using Sentinel Satellite Data Based on Machine Learning ApproachesSim, Seongmun; Kim, Woohyeok; Lee, Jaese; Kang, Yoojin; Im, Jungho; Kwon, Chunguen; Kim, SungyongARTICLE427
Showing results 1 to 16 of 16