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2013-08Adaptive Edge Synthesis for Image Segmentation Using Color and Depth ImagesSim, Jae-Young; Yun, Tae-HuiMaster's thesis686
2018-02Advanced Object Segmentation Using Depth and Saliency InformationSim, Jae-Young; Kim, Ga-RamMaster's thesis320
2003-01An efficient 3D mesh compression technique based on triangle fan structureSim, Jae-Young; Kim, CS; Lee, SUARTICLE525
2014-08Bit allocation algorithm with novel view synthesis distortion model for multiview video plus depth codingChung, Tae-Young; Sim, Jae-Young; Kim, Chang-SuARTICLE704
2008-04Compression of 3-D point visual data using vector quantization and rate-distortion optimizationSim, Jae-Young; Lee, Sang-UkARTICLE641
2013-01Consistent Stereo Matching Under Varying Radiometric ConditionsJung, Il-Lyong; Chung, Tae-Young; Sim, Jae-Young; Kim, Chang-SuARTICLE705
2013-12Correspondence matching of multi-view video sequences using mutual information based similarity measureLee, Soon-Young; Sim, Jae-Young; Kim, Chang-Su; Lee, Sang-UkARTICLE553
2015-07FDQM: fast quality metric for depth maps without view synthesisJang, Won-Dong; Chung, Tae-Young; Sim, Jae-Young; Kim, Chang-SuARTICLE568
2011-10Geometry contrast enhancement for 3D point models using histogram modificationNam, Jin-Woo; Sim, Jae-YoungARTICLE649
2018-10Glass Reflection Removal Using Co-Saliency-Based Image Alignment and Low-Rank Matrix Completion in Gradient DomainHan, Byeong-Ju; Sim, Jae-YoungARTICLE513
2017-02Improved Activation Functions of Deep Convolutional Neural Networks for Image ClassificationSim, Jae-Young; Lee, Dae-SikMaster's thesis245
2015-04Large-Scale 3D Point Cloud Compression Using Adaptive Radial Distance Prediction in Hybrid Coordinate DomainsAhn, Jae-Kyun; Lee, Kyu-Yul; Sim, Jae-Young; Kim, Chang-SuARTICLE653
2005-12Lossless compression of 3-D point data in QSplat representationSim, Jae-Young; Kim, CS; Lee, SUARTICLE505
2014-02Multiscale saliency detection using random walk with restartKim, Jun-Seong; Sim, Jae-Young; Kim, Chang-SuARTICLE721
2013-05Optimal binary encoding scheme for the fast motion estimation based on Hamming distancesPark, Sang-UK; Sim, Jae-Young; Kim, Chang-Su; Lee, Sang-UKARTICLE593
2013-04Optimized contrast enhancement for real-time image and video dehazingKim, Jin-Hwan; Jang, Won-Dong; Sim, Jae-Young; Kim, Chang-SuARTICLE968
2005-07Rate-distortion optimized compression and view-dependent transmission of 3-D normal meshesSim, Jae-Young; Kim, CS; Kuo, CCJ; Lee, SUARTICLE494
2012-02Reconstruction Depth Adaptive Coding of Digital HologramsSim, Jae-Young; Kim, Chang-SuARTICLE629
2016-02Retinex-Based Low Contrast Image Enhancement Using Adaptive Tone-MappingSim, Jae-Young; Lee, Hyo-GiMaster's thesis438
2017-12Saliency Detection for 3D Surface Geometry Using Semi-regular MeshesJeong, Se-Won; Sim, Jae-YoungARTICLE645
Showing results 1 to 20 of 31