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2015-05-07Design of the Natural Circulation Loop and Implementation of DOWTHERM A Properties into MARS-LMR CodeShin, Yukyung; Park, Seong Dae; Kang, Sarah; Bang, In CheolCONFERENCE18
2015-10-16Investigation of Natural Circulation Characteristics of Molten Salt Simulants for Advanced Reactors and PyroprocessingShin, Yukyung; Seo, Seok Bin; Moon, Sung Bo; Bang, In CheolCONFERENCE18
2016-06Natural Circulation with DOWTHERM RP and its MARS Code Implementation for Molten Salt-Cooled ReactorsShin, Yukyung; Seo, Seok Bin; Kim, In Guk; Bang, In CheolARTICLE1031
2018-01Numerical analysis on spatial universality of similarity technique inside molten salt reactor systemSeo, Seok Bin; Shin, Yukyung; Bang, In CheolARTICLE878
2015-10-30Preliminary Study of Single-Phase Natural Circulation for Lab-Scaled Molten Salt ApplicationShin, Yukyung; Kang, Sarah; Kim, In Guk; Seo, Seok Bin; Park, Seong Dae; Bang, In CheolCONFERENCE18
2016-04-19Sensitivity Study of Thermophysical Properties for LiF-BeF2 and Simulant Oils on a Natural Circulation Loop with MARS Code ImplementationShin, Yukyung; Seo, Seok Bin; Kim, In Guk; Bang, In CheolCONFERENCE29
2016-05-12Single-phase Natural Circulation of High-Pr Heat Transfer Simulant oilShin, Yukyung; Seo, Seok Bin; Kin, In Guk; Bang, In CheolCONFERENCE15
2018-06Study on flow characteristics of high-Pr heat transfer fluid near the wall in a rectangular natural circulation loopShin, Yukyung; Seo, Seok Bin; Bang, In CheolARTICLE483
2017-02Study on Natural Circulation Heat Transfer and Flow Characteristics of High-Pr Oil Simulant of Molten SaltsBang, In Cheol; Shin, YukyungMaster's thesis376
Showing results 1 to 9 of 9