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2019-03A high-performance supercapacitor based on polyaniline-nanoporous goldLee, Keon-U; Byon, Ji Young; Shin, Hyung-Joon; Kim, Sang HoonARTICLE261
2011-04Activation of Ultrathin Oxide Films for Chemical Reaction by Interface DefectsJung, Jaehoon; Shin, Hyung-Joon; Kim, Yousoo; Kawai, MakiARTICLE480
2019-08Adlayer-Free Large-Area Single Crystal Graphene Grown on a Cu(111) FoilLuo, Da; Wang, Meihui; Li, Yunqing; Kim, Changsik; Yu, Ka Man; Kim, Yohan; Han, Huijun; Biswal, Mandakini; Huang, Ming; Kwon, Youngwoo; Goo, Min; Camacho-Mojica, Dulce C.; Shi, Haofei; Yoo, Won Jong; Altman, Michael S.; Shin, Hyung-Joon; Ruoff, Rodney S.ARTICLE101
2014-01Amine-Based Polar Solvent Treatment for Highly Efficient Inverted Polymer Solar CellsLee, Bo Ram; Jung, Eui Dae; Nam, Yun Seok; Jung, Minbok; Park, Ji Sun; Lee, Seungjin; Choi, Hyosung; Ko, Seo-Jin; Shin, Na Ra; Kim, Young-Kuk; Kim, Sang Ouk; Kim, Jin Young; Shin, Hyung-Joon; Cho, Shinuk; Song, Myoung HoonARTICLE690
2004Analysis of ridging in ferritic stainless steel and aluminum alloy sheetsShin, Hyung-Joon; Hong, SH; Lee, DNARTICLE555
2015-08Atomic-scale investigation on the electronic properties of graphene using LT-STMShin, Hyung-Joon; Jung, MinbokDoctoral thesis657
2014-08Atomically resolved orientational ordering of C60 molecules on epitaxial graphene on Cu(111)Minbok Jung; Shin, Dongbin; Sohn, So-Dam; Kwon, Soon-Yong; Park, Noejung; Shin, Hyung-JoonARTICLE722
2015-07Catalytic Conversion of Hexagonal Boron Nitride to Graphene for In-Plane HeterostructuresKim, Gwangwoo; Lim, Hyunseob; Ma, Kyung Yeol; Jang, A-Rang; Ryu, Gyeong Hee; Jung, Minbok; Shin, Hyung-Joon; Lee, Zonghoon; Shin, Hyeon SukARTICLE787
2018-11Colossal grain growth yields single-crystal metal foils by contact-free annealingJin, Sunghwan; Huang, Ming; Kwon, Youngwoo; Zhang, Leining; Li, Bao-Wen; Oh, Sangjun; Dong, Jichen; Luo, Da; Biswal, Mandakini; Cunning, Benjamin V; Bakharev, Pavel V; Moon, Inyoung; Yoo, Won Jong; Camacho-Mojica, Dulce C; Kim, Yong-Jin; Lee, Sun Hwa; Wang, Bin; Seong, Won Kyung; Saxena, Manav; Ding, Feng; Shin, Hyung-Joon; Ruoff, Rodney S.ARTICLE378
2012-09Combined Scanning Tunneling Microscopy and High-Resolution Electron Energy Loss Spectroscopy Study on the Adsorption State of CO on Ag(001)Arafune, Ryuichi; Shin, Hyung-Joon; Jung, Jaehoon; Minamitani, Emi; Takagi, Noriaki; Kim, Yousoo; Kawai, MakiARTICLE447
2011-04Control of Molecular Rotors by Selection of Anchoring SitesKim, Hyo Won; Han, M.; Shin, Hyung-Joon; Lim, S.; Oh, Y.; Tamada, K.; Hara, M.; Kim, Y.; Kawai, M.; Kuk, YoungARTICLE501
2014-09Controlling Dissociation Reaction of a Water Molecule on Ultrathin filmJung, Jaehoon; Shin, Hyung-Joon; Kawai, Maki; Kim, YousooARTICLE441
2010-08Controlling water dissociation on an ultrathin MgO film by tuning film thicknessJung, Jaehoon; Shin, Hyung-Joon; Kim, Yousoo; Kawai, MakiARTICLE424
2019-02Defect-associated adsorption of monoethanolamine on TiO2(110): An alternative way to control the work function of oxide electrodeSohn, So-Dam; Kim, Su Hwan; Kwak, Sang Kyu; Shin, Hyung-JoonARTICLE321
2000-02Deformation and annealing textures of silver wireShin, Hyung-Joon; Jeong, HT; Lee, DNARTICLE437
2016-11Effect of alloyed Ca on the microstructure and corrosion properties of extruded AZ61 Mg alloyBaek, Soo-Min; Kim, Hyeon Ju; Jeong, Hu Young; Sohn, So-Dam; Shin, Hyung-Joon; Choi, Kyung-Jin; Lee, Ki-Suk; Lee, Jung Gu; Yim, Chang Dong; You, Bong Sun; Ha, Heon-Young; Park, Sung SooARTICLE713
2015-02Electronic modulations in a single wall carbon nanotube induced by the Au(111) surface reconstructionClair, Sylvain; Shin, Hyung-Joon; Kim, Yousoo; Kawai, MakiARTICLE469
2008-12Electronic structure of single-walled carbon nanotubes on ultrathin insulating filmsShin, Hyung-Joon; Clair, Sylvain; Kim, Yousoo; Kawai, MakiARTICLE531
2015-04Enhanced Crystallinity of Epitaxial Graphene Grown on Hexagonal SiC Surface with Molybdenum Plate CappingJin, Han Byul; Jeon, Youngeun; Jung, Sungchul; Modepalli, Vijayakumar; Kang, Hyun Suk; Lee, Byung Cheol; Ko, Jae-Hyeon; Shin, Hyung-Joon; Yoo, Jung-Woo; Kim, Sung Youb; Kwon, Soon-Yong; Eom, Daejin; Park, KibogARTICLE919
2017-08Fabrication of nanoporous gold thin films on glass substrates for amperometric sensing of anilineLee, Keon-U; Tran, Trung Hieu; Kim, Sang Hoon; Shin, Hyung-JoonARTICLE875
Showing results 1 to 20 of 49