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2005-06A study of lifting tasks performed on laterally slanted ground surfacesJiang, ZL; Shin, GwanSeob; Freeman, J; Reid, S; Mirka, GAARTICLE632
2007-11An in vivo assessment of the low back response to prolonged flexion: Interplay between active and passive tissuesShin, GwanSeob; Mirka, Gary A.ARTICLE696
2014-12Assisting wheelchair users on bus ramps: a potential cause of low back injury among bus driversPiyush, Bareria; Shin, GwanSeobARTICLE557
2009-08Creep and Fatigue Development in the Low Back in Static FlexionShin, GwanSeob; D'Souza, Clive; Liu, Yu-HsunARTICLE710
2006-09Differences in trunk kinematics and ground reaction forces between older and younger adults during liftingShin, GwanSeob; Nance, Mack L.; Mirka, Gary A.ARTICLE616
2018-07Effects of the center of mass of a stick vacuum cleaner on the muscle activities of the upper extremity during floor vacuumingChoi, Seobin; Shin, GwanSeobARTICLE368
2017-05Effects of touch target location on performance and physical demands of computer touchscreen useKang, Hwayeong; Shin, GwanSeobARTICLE841
2010-08EMG activity of low back extensor muscles during cyclic flexion/extensionShin, GwanSeob; D'Souza, CliveARTICLE821
2014-09Hand usage pattern and upper body discomfort of desktop touchscreen usersKang, Hwayeong; Shin, GwanSeobARTICLE718
2019-11Head flexion angle when web-browsing and texting using a smartphone while walkingHan, Hyeseon; Shin, GwanSeobARTICLE225
2015-02Head flexion angle while using a smartphoneLee, Sojeong; Kang, Hwayeong; Shin, GwanSeobARTICLE1057
2004-08Influence of knee angle and individual flexibility on the flexion-relaxation response of the low back musculatureShin, GwanSeob; Shu, Y; Li, Z; Jiang, ZL; Mirka, GARTICLE756
2013-08Kinematics and muscle activities of the lumbar spine during and after working in stooped posturesZhu, Xinhui; Shin, GwanSeobARTICLE850
2019-01Naturalistic data collection of head posture during smartphone useHan, Hyeseon; Lee, Sojeong; Shin, GwanSeobARTICLE219
2020-02Neck Muscular Load When Using a Smartphone While Sitting, Standing, and WalkingYoon, Woojin; Choi, Seobin; Han, Hyeseon; Shin, GwanSeobARTICLE54
2017-10Reliability of forward head posture evaluation while sitting, standing, walking and runningLee, Chang-hyung; Lee, Sojeong; Shin, GwanSeobARTICLE1611
2005-08The effect of a repetitive, fatiguing lifting task on horizontal ground reaction forcesShu, Y; Drum, J; Southard, S; Shin, GwanSeob; Mirka, GAARTICLE628
2004-05The effects of a sloped ground surface on trunk kinematics and L5/S1 moment during liftingShin, GwanSeob; Mirka, GARTICLE820
2019-09Upper extremity muscular load during carpet vacuuming with household upright cleanersBak, Haerim; D'Souza, Clive; Shin, GwanSeobARTICLE268
2015-04Use of antagonist muscle EMG in the assessment of neuromuscular health of the low backLee, Nakyung; Kang, Hwayeong; Shin, GwanSeobARTICLE673
Showing results 1 to 20 of 23