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2009-09A novel homogeneous Fenton-like system with Fe(III)-phosphotungstate for oxidation of organic compounds at neutral pH valuesLee, Changha; Sedlak, David L.ARTICLE611
2009-12A Silica-Supported Iron Oxide Catalyst Capable of Activating Hydrogen Peroxide at Neutral pH ValuesPham, Anh Le-Tuan; Lee, Changha; Doyle, Fiona M.; Sedlak, David L.ARTICLE880
2008-07Bactericidal effect of zero-valent iron nanoparticles on Escherichia coliLee, Changha; Kim, Jee Yeon; Lee, Won Il; Nelson, Kara L.; Yoon, Jeyong; Sedlak, David L.ARTICLE686
2011-04Comment on "Oxidation of Sulfoxides and Arsenic(III) in Corrosion of Nanoscale Zero Valent Iron by Oxygen: Evidence against Ferryl Ions (Fe(IV)) as Active Intermediates in Fenton Reaction"Remucal, Christina K.; Lee, Changha; Sedlak, David L.ARTICLE755
2008-11Enhanced Formation of Oxidants from Bimetallic Nickel-Iron Nanoparticles in the Presence of OxygenLee, Changha; Sedlak, David L.ARTICLE581
2010-11Inactivation of Escherichia coli by Nanoparticulate Zerovalent Iron and Ferrous IonKim, Jee Yeon; Park, Hee-Jin; Lee, Changha; Nelson, Kara L.; Sedlak, David L.; Yoon, JeyongARTICLE664
2010-04Inactivation of MS2 coliphage by Fenton's reagentKim, Jee Yeon; Lee, Changha; Sedlak, David L.; Yoon, Jeyong; Nelson, Kara L.ARTICLE702
2011-08Inactivation of MS2 Coliphage by Ferrous Ion and Zero-Valent Iron NanoparticlesKim, Jee Yeon; Lee, Changha; Love, David C.; Sedlak, David L.; Yoon, Jeyong; Nelson, Kara L.ARTICLE766
2013-07pH-Dependent reactivity of oxidants formed by iron and copper-catalyzed decomposition of hydrogen peroxideLee, Hongshin; Lee, Hye-Jin; Sedlak, David L.; Lee, ChanghaARTICLE782
2008-07Polyoxometalate-enhanced oxidation of organic compounds by nanoparticulate zero-valent iron and ferrous ion in the presence of oxygenLee, Changha; Keenan, Christina R.; Sedlak, David L.ARTICLE628
2008-11Response to Comment on "Polyoxometalate-Enhanced Oxidation of Organic Compounds by Nanoparticulate Zero-Valent Iron and Ferrous Ion in the Presence of Oxygen"Lee, Changha; Keenan, Christina R.; Sedlak, David L.ARTICLE576
Showing results 1 to 11 of 11