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2017-09Contact Angle and Adhesion Dynamics and Hysteresis on Molecularly Smooth Chemically Homogeneous SurfacesChen, Szu-Ying; Kaufman, Yair; Schrader, Alex M.; Seo, Dongjin; Lee, Dong Woog; Page, Steven H.; Koenig, Peter H.; Isaacs, Sandra; Gizaw, Yonas; Israelachvili, Jacob N.ARTICLE387
2015-08Correlating steric-hydration forces with water dynamics through surface force and diffusion NMR measurements in a lipid-DMSO-H2O systemSchrader, Alex M.; Donaldson, Stephen H., Jr.; Song, Jinsuk; Cheng, Chi-Yuan; Lee, Dong Woog; Han, Songi; Israelachvili, Jacob N.ARTICLE737
2018-08Rates of cavity filling by liquidsSeo, Dongjin; Schrader, Alex M.; Chen, Szu-Ying; Kaufman, Yair; Christiani, Thomas R.; Page, Steven H.; Koenig, Peter H.; Gizaw, Yonas; Lee, Dong Woog; Israelachvili, Jacob. N.ARTICLE479
2017-03Simple-to-Apply Wetting Model to Predict Thermodynamically Stable and Metastable Contact Angles on Textured/Rough/Patterned SurfacesKaufman, Yair; Chen, Szu-Ying; Mishra, Himanshu; Schrader, Alex M.; Lee, Dong Woog; Das, Saurabh; Donaldson, Stephen H., Jr.; Israelachvili, Jacob N.ARTICLE759
2020-11The shape and dynamics of deformations of viscoelastic fluids by water dropletsSeo, Dongjin; Chen, Szu-Ying; Lee, Dong Woog; Schrader, Alex M.; Ahn, Kollbe; Page, Steve; Koenig, Peter H.; Gizaw, Yonas; Israelachvili, Jacob N.ARTICLE86
2016-03Time-Dependent Wetting Behavior of PDMS Surfaces with Bioinspired, Hierarchical StructuresMishra, Himanshu; Schrader, Alex M.; Lee, Dong Woog; Gallo, Adair Jr.; Chen, Szu-Ying; Kaufman, Yair; Das, Saurabh; Israelachvili, Jacob N.ARTICLE760
Showing results 1 to 6 of 6