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2018-02A Feasibility Study on the Application of Basic Oxygen Furnace (BOF) Steel Slag for Railway Ballast MaterialKoh, Taehoon; Moon, Sung-Woo; Jung, Hyuksang; Jeong, Yeonung; Pyo, SukhoonARTICLE217
2011-07A wireless impedance analyzer for automated tomographic mapping of a nanoengineered sensing skinPyo, Sukhoon; Loh, Kenneth J.; Hou, Tsung-Chin; Jarva, Erik; Lynch, Jerome P.ARTICLE155
2018-03Abrasion resistance of ultra high performance concrete incorporating coarser aggregatePyo, Sukhoon; Abate, Selamu Yihune; Kim, Hyeong-KiARTICLE238
2018-09Acoustic characteristics of sound absorbable high performance concreteKim, Heeae; Hong, Jiyoung; Pyo, SukhoonARTICLE191
2015-04Capturing the strain hardening and softening responses of cementitious composites subjected to impact loadingPyo, Sukhoon; El-Tawil, SherifARTICLE164
2020-07Characterization of Porous Cementitious Materials Using Microscopic Image Processing and X-ray CT AnalysisYoon, Jinyoung; Kim, Hyunjun; Sim, Sung-Han; Pyo, SukhoonARTICLE110
2019-11Chloride-induced corrosion of steel fiber near the surface of ultra-high performance concrete and its effect on flexural behavior with various thicknessPyo, Sukhoon; Koh, Taehoon; Tafesse, Million; Kim, Hyeong-KiARTICLE172
2015-10Corrosion resistance of strain-hardening steel-fiber-reinforced cementitious compositesNgoc Thanh Tran; Pyo, Sukhoon; Kim, Dong JooARTICLE151
2016-07Crack propagation speed in ultra high performance concrete (UHPC)Pyo, Sukhoon; Alkaysi, Mo; El-Tawil, SherifARTICLE179
2013-05Crack velocity-dependent dynamic tensile behavior of concretePyo, Sukhoon; El-Tawil, SherifARTICLE242
2016-05Development of quick-hardening infilling materials for composite railroad tracks to strengthen existing ballasted trackLee, Il-Wha; Pyo, Sukhoon; Jung, Young-HoARTICLE177
2016-10Direct tensile behavior of ultra high performance fiber reinforced concrete (UHP-FRC) at high strain ratesPyo, Sukhoon; El-Tawil, Sherif; Naaman, Antoine E.ARTICLE179
2017-11Effect of chloride content on mechanical properties of ultra high performance concretePyo, Sukhoon; Tafesse, Million; Kim, Heeae; Kim, Hyeong-KiARTICLE165
2018-07Effect of Laser Speed on Cutting Characteristics of Cement-Based MaterialsLee, Dongkyoung; Seo, Youngjin; Pyo, SukhoonARTICLE192
2020-11Effect of steel fiber content on structural and electrical properties of ultra high performance concrete (UHPC) sleepersBae, Younghoon; Pyo, SukhoonARTICLE53
2019-02Effects of abraded fine particle content on strength of quick-hardening concreteLee, Il-Wha; Park, Junkil; Kim, Dong Joo; Pyo, SukhoonARTICLE277
2017-11Effects of coarser fine aggregate on tensile properties of ultra high performance concretePyo, Sukhoon; Kim, Hyeong-Ki; Lee, Bang YeonARTICLE178
2018-03Effects of quartz-based mine tailings on characteristics and leaching behavior of ultra-high performance concretePyo, Sukhoon; Tafesse, Million; Kim, Bong-Ju; Kim, Hyeong-KiARTICLE208
2016-10Enhancing flowability and sustainability of ultra high performance concrete incorporating high replacement levels of industrial slagsKim, Heeae; Koh, Taehoon; Pyo, SukhoonARTICLE184
2018-02Experimental Investigation of Multi-mode Fiber Laser Cutting of Cement MortarLee, Dongkyoung; Pyo, SukhoonARTICLE181
Showing results 1 to 20 of 37