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Kim, DongyeopPark, Jeong-SunLee, Wang-GeunChoi, YunseokKim, Youngsik

Article Issue Date2022-04 View11

Park, Jeong-SunKim, SeohaeChoi, YunSeokHarzandi, Ahmad M.Kim, Youngsik

Article Issue Date2021-09 View5

Kim, KyounghoHwang, Soo MinPark, Jeong-SunHan, JinhyupKim, JunsooKim, Youngsik

Article Issue Date2016-05 View6

Bae, HyuntaePark, Jeong-SunSenthilkumar, S.T.Hwang, Soo MinKim, Youngsik

Article Issue Date2019-01 View4

Park, JeheePark, Jeong-SunSenthilkumar, S.T.Kim, Youngsik

Article Issue Date2020-02 View13

Kim, KyounghoHan, JinhyupPark, Jeong-SunLee, Jinho

Article Issue Date2019-06 View4

Park, Jeong-Sun

Thesis Issue Date2020-02 View11

Senthilkumar, S. T.Park, Jeong-SunMarcilla, RebecaPalma, JesusKim, Youngsik

Article Issue Date2021-05 View6