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2016-02A high-performance, flexible and robust metal nanotrough-embedded transparent conducting film for wearable touch screen panelsIm, Hyeon-Gyun; An, Byeong Wan; Jin, Jungho; Jang, Junho; Park, Young-Geun; Park, Jang-Ung; Bae, Byeong-SooARTICLE668
2017-06Flexible Transparent Conductive Films with High Performance and Reliability Using Hybrid Structures of Continuous Metal Nanofiber Networks for Flexible OptoelectronicsPark, Juyoung; Hyun, Byung Gwan; An, Byeong Wan; Im, Hyeon-Gyun; Park, Young-Geun; Jang, Junho; Park, Jang-Ung; Bae, Byeong-SooARTICLE549
2019-12High-Resolution 3D Printing of Freeform, Transparent Displays in Ambient AirAn, Hyeon Seok; Park, Young-Geun; Kim, Kukjoo; Nam, Yun Seok; Song, Myoung Hoon; Park, Jang-UngARTICLE280
2019-06High-resolution, reconfigurable printing of liquid metals with three-dimensional structuresPark, Young-Geun; An, Hyeon Seok; Kim, Ju-Young; Park, Jang-UngARTICLE244
2019-11Instantaneous and Repeatable Self-Healing of Fully Metallic Electrodes at Ambient ConditionsPark, Young-Geun; Kim, Hyobeom; Park, Sun-Young; Kim, Ju-Young; Park, Jang-UngARTICLE180
2020-08Liquid metal-based electronic packaging technologies for highly integrated soft electronicsSong, Myoung Hoon; Park, Young-GeunDoctoral thesis65
2019-05Recent Advances in Transparent Electronics with Stretchable FormsKim, Kukjoo; Park, Young-Geun; Hyun, Byung Gwan; Choi, Minjae; Park, Jang-UngARTICLE255
2017-11-28Reconfigurable, High-Resoluton Three-Dimensional Printing of Liquid Metal Alloy with Stable Electrical ContactPark, Young-Geun; Jo, Subin; An, Byeong Wan; Park, Jang-UngCONFERENCE56
2021-03Smart contact lens and transparent heat patch for remote monitoring and therapy of chronic ocular surface inflammation using mobilesJang, Jiuk; Kim, Joohee; Shin, Haein; Park, Young-Geun; Joo, Byung Jun; Seo, Hunkyu; Won, Jong-eun; Kim, Dai Woo; Lee, Chang Young; Kim, Hong Kyun; Park, Jang-UngARTICLE27
2017-08Smart sensor systems for wearable electronic devicesAn, Byeong Wan; Shin, Jung Hwal; Kim, So-Yun; Kim, Joohee; Ji, Sangyoon; Park, Jihun; Lee, Youngjin; Jang, Jiuk; Park, Young-Geun; Cho, Eunjin; Jo, Subin; Park, Jang-UngARTICLE635
2018-01Soft, smart contact lenses with integrations of wireless circuits, glucose sensors, and displaysPark, Jihun; Kim, Joohee; Kim, So-Yun; Cheong, Woon Hyung; Jang, Jiuk; Park, Young-Geun; Na, Kyungmin; Kim, Yun-Tae; Heo, Jun Hyuk; Lee, Chang Young; Lee, Jung Heon; Bien, Franklin; Park, Jang-UngARTICLE989
2017-06Stretchable electronic devices using graphene and its hybrid nanostructuresPaek, Jihyun; Kim, Joohee; An, Byeong Wan; Park, Jihun; Ji, Sangyoon; Kim, So-Yun; Jang, Jiuk; Lee, Youngjin; Park, Young-Geun; Cho, Eunjin; Jo, Subin; Ju, Seoyeong; Cheong, Woon Hyung; Park, Jang-UngARTICLE384
2019-08Three-Dimensional, High-Resolution Printing of Carbon Nanotube/Liquid Metal Composites with Mechanical and Electrical ReinforcementPark, Young-Geun; Min, Hyegi; Kim, Hyobeom; Zhexembekova, Anar; Lee, Chang Young; Park, Jang-UngARTICLE227
2020-05Wireless phototherapeutic contact lenses and glasses with red light-emitting diodesPark, Young-Geun; Cha, Eunkyung; An, Hyeon Seok; Lee, Kyoung-Pil; Song, Myoung Hoon; Kim, Hong Kyun; Park, Jang-UngARTICLE198
Showing results 1 to 14 of 14