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2012-03A theoretical prediction of twin variants in extruded AZ31 Mg alloys using the microstructure based crystal plasticity finite element methodShin, E. J.; Jung, A.; Choi, S. -H.; Rollett, A. D.; Park, Sung SooARTICLE568
2013-10Brazing characteristics of a Zr-Ti-Cu-Fe eutectic alloy filler metal for Zircaloy-4Lee, Jung G.; Lim, C.H.; Kim, K.H.; Park, Sung Soo; Lee, M.K.; Rhee, C.K.ARTICLE623
2013-01Compressive deformation behavior of an indirect-extruded Mg-8Sn-1Al-1Zn alloyCheng, Wei-li; Que, Zhong-ping; Zhang, Jin-shan; Xu, Chun-xiang; Liang, Wei; You, Bong Sun; Park, Sung SooARTICLE499
2006-11Constitutive analysis on the superplastic deformation of warm-rolled 6013 Al alloyPark, Sung Soo; Garmestani, Hamid; Bae, G. T; Kim, Nack J.; Krajewski, Paul E.; Kim, Sooho; Lee, Eui W.ARTICLE687
2014-12Corrosion inhibition and surface hardening of KP1 and KP4 mold steels using pulsed electron beam treatmentKim, Jisoo; Park, Sung Soo; Park, Hyung WookARTICLE760
2020-02Development of corrosion-resistant Mg alloys via Sc microalloyingPark, Sung Soo; Baek, Soo-MinDoctoral thesis25
2005-12Development of creep resistant die cast Mg-Sn-Al-Si alloyPark, Sung Soo; Kang, DH; Kim, NJARTICLE548
2005Development of creep resistant Mg alloysKang, DH; Yoo, MS; Park, Sung Soo; Kim, NJARTICLE542
2005-08Development of high performance alloy sheets by strip castingPark, Sung Soo; Lee, JG; Kim, NJARTICLE554
2005Development of Mg alloy sheets via strip castingPark, Sung Soo; Kim, Y.M.; Kang, D.H.; Kim, N.J.ARTICLE616
2019-08Development of Mg alloy sheets with enhanced formability and corrosion resistancePark, Sung Soo; Kim, BeomcheolDoctoral thesis117
2004-09Development of strip casting process for fabrication of wrought Mg alloysPark, Sung Soo; Kang, DH; Bae, GT; Kim, NJARTICLE588
2017-07Dramatic enhancement of the saturation magnetization of a sol-gel synthesized Y3Fe5O12 by a mechanical pressing processJang, Min-Sun; Roh, Im-Jun; Park, Jungmin; Kang, Chong-Yun; Choi, Won Jun; Baek, Seung-Hyub; Park, Sung Soo; Yoo, Jung-Woo; Lee, Ki-SukARTICLE687
2016-11Effect of alloyed Ca on the microstructure and corrosion properties of extruded AZ61 Mg alloyBaek, Soo-Min; Kim, Hyeon Ju; Jeong, Hu Young; Sohn, So-Dam; Shin, Hyung-Joon; Choi, Kyung-Jin; Lee, Ki-Suk; Lee, Jung Gu; Yim, Chang Dong; You, Bong Sun; Ha, Heon-Young; Park, Sung SooARTICLE789
2007-04Effect of Alloying Elements on the Microstructural Evolution of Mg-Sn Based Cast AlloysKang, D. H.; Park, Sung Soo; Jung, In-Ho; Kim, Nack J.ARTICLE515
2014-08Effect of Ce addition on the microstructure and tensile properties of extruded Mg-Zn-Zr alloysJeong, Hu Young; Kim, Beomcheol; Kim, Sung–Geun; Kim, Hyeon Ju; Park, Sung SooARTICLE792
2007-03Effect of nano-particles on the creep resistance of Mg-Sn based alloysKang, D. H; Park, Sung Soo; Oh, Yoon S.; Kim, Nack J.ARTICLE588
2009-09Effect of the extrusion conditions on the texture and mechanical properties of indirect-extruded Mg-3Al-1Zn alloyPark, Sung Soo; You, B. S.; Yoon, D. J.ARTICLE557
2011-06Effect of the Zn content on the microstructure and mechanical properties of indirect-extruded Mg-5Sn-xZn alloysTang, W. N.; Park, Sung Soo; You, B. S.ARTICLE473
2013-10Effects of extrusion speed on the microstructure and mechanical properties of ZK60 alloys with and without 1wt% cerium additionYu, Hui; Park, Sung Hyuk; You, Bong Sun; Kim, Young Min; Yu, Hua Shun; Park, Sung SooARTICLE595
Showing results 1 to 20 of 67