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2022-112 '-5 ' oligoadenylate synthetase-like 1 (OASL1) protects against atherosclerosis by maintaining endothelial nitric oxide synthase mRNA stabilityKim, Tae Kyeong; Jeon, Sejin; Park, Seonjun; Sonn, Seong-Keun; Seo, Seungwoon; Suh, Joowon; Jin, Jing; Kweon, Hyae Yon; Kim, Sinai; Moon, Shin Hye; Kweon, Okhee; Koo, Bon-Hyeock; Kim, Nayoung; Lee, Hae-Ock; Kim, Young-Myeong; Kim, Young-Joon; Park, Sung Ho; Oh, Goo TaegARTICLE680
2021-06An Impaired Inflammatory and Innate Immune Response in COVID-19Park, Sung HoARTICLE416
2020-11Anti-Inflammatory Actions of Soluble Ninjurin-1 Ameliorate AtherosclerosisJeon, Sejin; Kim, Tae Kyeong; Jeong, Se-Jin; Jung, In-Hyuk; Kim, Nayoung; Lee, Mi-Ni; Sonn, Seong-Keun; Seo, Seungwoon; Jin, Jing; Kweon, Hyae Yon; Kim, Sinai; Shim, Dahee; Park, Young Mi; Lee, Sang-Hak; Kim, Kyu-Won; Cybulsky, Myron, I; Shim, Hyunbo; Roh, Tae-Young; Park, Woong-Yang; Lee, Hae-Ock; Choi, Jae-Hoon; Park, Sung Ho; Oh, Goo TaegARTICLE550
2008-01Broad T cell immunity to the LcrV virulence protein is induced by targeted delivery to DEC-205/CD205-positive mouse dendritic cellsDo, Yoonkyung; Park, Chae Gyu; Kang, Young-Sun; Park, Sung Ho; Lynch, Rebecca M.; Lee, Haekyung; Powell, Bradford S.; Steinman, Ralph M.ARTICLE1220
2022-01Comparison of 3-month cytogenetic and molecular assays for early assessment of long-term clinical impact after BCR-ABL1 tyrosine kinase inhibitor treatment in chronic myeloid leukemiaKee, Kyung-Mi; Kim, Soo-Hyun; Yang, Seon-Young; Shin, Jeong-U; Nam, Yoon-Won; Jang, Eun-Jung; Kim, Hongtae; Lee, Semin; Park, Sung Ho; Kim, Dong-WookARTICLE569
2008-02Generation and application of new rat monoclonal antibodies against synthetic FLAG and OLLAS tags for improved immunodetectionPark, Sung Ho; Cheong, Cheolho; Idoyaga, Juliana; Kim, Jae Y.; Choi, Jae-Hoon; Do, Yoonkyung; Lee, Haekyung; Jo, Jung Heon; Oh, Yong-Seok; Im, Wonpil; Steinman, Ralph M.; Park, Chae GyuARTICLE1169
2023-08High levels of intracellular endotrophin in adipocytes mediate COPII vesicle supplies to autophagosome to impair autophagic flux and contribute to systemic insulin resistance in obesityOh, Jiyoung; Park, Chanho; Kim, Sahee; Kim, Min; Kim, Chu-Sook; Jo, Woobeen; Park, Sung Ho; Yi, Gwan-Su; Park, JiyoungARTICLE804
2019-07IFN-γ selectively suppresses a subset of TLR4-activated genes and enhancers to potentiate macrophage activationKang, Kyuho; Bachu, Mahesh; Park, Sung Ho; Kang, Keunsoo; Bae, Seyeon; Park-Min, Kyung-Hyun; Ivashkiv, Lionel B.ARTICLE602
2020-07Immunophenotyping of COVID-19 and influenza highlights the role of type I interferons in development of severe COVID-19Lee, Jeong Seok; Park, Seongwan; Jeong, Hye Won; Ahn, Jin Young; Choi, Seong Jin; Lee, Hoyoung; Choi, Baekgyu; Nam, Su Kyung; Sa, Moa; Kwon, Ji-Soo; Jeong, Su Jin; Lee, Heung Kyu; Park, Sung Ho; Park, Su-Hyung; Choi, Jun Yong; Kim, Sung-Han; Jung, Inkyung; Shin, Eui-CheolARTICLE911
2010-11Improved cellular and humoral immune responses in vivo following targeting of HIV Gag to dendritic cells within human anti-human DEC205 monoclonal antibodyCheong, Cheolho; Choi, Jae-Hoon; Vitale, Laura; He, Li-Zhen; Trumpfheller, Christine; Bozzacco, Leonia; Do, Yoonkyung; Nchinda, Godwin; Park, Sung Ho; Dandamudi, Durga Bhavani; Shrestha, Elina; Pack, Maggi; Lee, Han-Woong; Keler, Tibor; Steinman, Ralph M.; Park, Chae GyuARTICLE1228
2014-11Inhibition of osteoclastogenesis and inflammatory bone resorption by targeting BET proteins and epigenetic regulationPark-Min, Kyung-Hyun; Lim, Elisha; Lee, Min Joon; Park, Sung Ho; Giannopoulou, Eugenia; Yarilina, Anna; van der Meulen, Marjolein; Zhao, Baohong; Smithers, Nicholas; Witherington, Jason; Lee, Kevin; Tak, Paul P.; Prinjha, Rab K.; Ivashkiv, Lionel B.ARTICLE765
2019-06Insights into rheumatic diseases from next-generation sequencingDonlin, Laura T.; Park, Sung Ho; Giannopoulou, Eugenia; Ivovic, Aleksandra; Park-Min, Kyung-Hyun; Siegel, Richard M.; Ivashkiv, Lionel B.ARTICLE614
2017-08Interferon-gamma Represses M2 Gene Expression in Human Macrophages by Disassembling Enhancers Bound by the Transcription Factor MAFKang, Kyuho; Park, Sung Ho; Chen, Janice; Qiao, Yu; Giannopoulou, Eugenia; Berg, Karen; Hanidu, Adedayo; Li, Jun; Nabozny, Gerald; Kang, Keunsoo; Park-Min, Kyung-Hyun; Ivashkiv, Lionel B.ARTICLE626
2023-01Lactate oxidase/catalase-displaying nanoparticles efficiently consume lactate in the tumor microenvironment to effectively suppress tumor growthChoi, Hyukjun; Yeo, Mirae; Kang, Yujin; Kim, Hyo Jeong; Park, Seong Guk; Jang, Eunjung; Park, Sung Ho; Kim, Eunhee; Kang, SebyungARTICLE924
2022-06Loss of adipose TET proteins enhances β-adrenergic responses and protects against obesity by epigenetic regulation of β3-AR expressionByun, Seongjun; Lee, Chan Hyeong; Jeong, Hyumgmin; Kim, Hyejin; Kwon, Hyug Moo; Park, Sung Ho; Myung, Kyungjae; An, Jungeun; Ko, MyunggonARTICLE572
2023-07Macrophage transcription factor TonEBP promotes systemic lupus erythematosus and kidney injury via damage-induced signaling pathwaysYoo, Eun Jin; Oh, Kook-Hwan; Piao, Honglin; Kang, Hyun Je; Jeong, Gyu Won; Park, Hyun; Lee, Chang Jun; Ryu, Hyunjin; Yang, Seung Hee; Kim, Myung-Gyu; Kim, Dong Ki; Park, Sung Ho; Lim, Beom Jin; Lee, Sang Min; Park, Chan Young; Choi, Soo Youn; Lee-Kwon, Whaseon; Yang, Jaeseok; Kwon, Hyug MooARTICLE536
2016-08Opposing regulation of the late phase TNF response by mTORC1-IL-10 signaling and hypoxia in human macrophagesHuynh, Linda; Kusnadi, Anthony; Park, Sung Ho; Murata, Koichi; Park-Min, Kyung-Hyun; Ivashkiv, Lionel B.ARTICLE681
2022-03Pharmacological Rescue with SR8278, a Circadian Nuclear Receptor REV-ERBα Antagonist as a Therapy for Mood Disorders in Parkinson’s DiseaseKim, Jeongah; Park, Inah; Jang, Sangwon; Choi, Mijung; Kim, Doyeon; Sun, Woong; Choe, Youngshik; Choi, Ji-Woong; Moon, Cheil; Park, Sung Ho; Choe, Han Kyoung; Kim, KyungjinARTICLE482
2007-07Production of monoclonal antibodies that recognize the extracellular domain of mouse Langerin/CD207Cheong, Cheolho; Idoyaga, Juliana; Do, Yoonkyung; Pack, Maggi; Park, Sung Ho; Lee, Haekyung; Kang, Young-Sun; Choi, Jae-Hoon; Kim, Jae Y.; Bonito, Anthony; Inaba, Kayo; Yamazaki, Sayuri; Steinman, Ralph M.; Park, Chae GyuARTICLE1255
2023-01RANKL-responsive epigenetic mechanism reprograms macrophages into bone-resorbing osteoclastsBae, Seyeon; Kim, Kibyeong; Kang, Keunsoo; Kim, Haemin; Lee, Minjoon; Oh, Brian; Kaneko, Kaichi; Ma, Sungkook; Choi, Jae Hoon; Kwak, Hojoong; Lee, Eun Young; Park, Sung Ho; Park-Min, Kyung-HyunARTICLE1057
Showing results 1 to 20 of 34