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2007-11A blue-light-emitting polymer with a rigid backbone for enhanced color stabilityPark, Sung Heum; Jin, Youngeup; Kim, Jin Young; Kim, Sun Hee; Kim, Jinwoo; Suh, Hongsuk; Lee, KwangheeARTICLE806
2007-09Air-stable polymer electronic devicesLee, Kwanghee; Kim, Jin Young; Park, Sung Heum; Kim, Sun Hee; Cho, Shinuk; Heeger, Alan J.ARTICLE842
2021-02Boosting the efficiency of quasi-2D perovskites light-emitting diodes by using encapsulation growth methodLiu, Yanliang; Yu, Zhongkai; Chen, Shi; Park, Jong Hyun; Jung, Eui Dae; Lee, Seungjin; Kang, Keehoon; Ko, Seo-Jin; Lim, Jongchul; Song, Myoung Hoon; Xu, Baomin; Snaith, Henry J.; Park, Sung Heum; Lee, Bo RamARTICLE239
2020-07Design and synthesis of small molecules with difluoroquinoxaline units for OSCsKong, MinSung; Lee, Jihoon; Song, Suhee; Park, Seong Soo; Lee, Gun Dae; Lee, Won-Ki; Kim, Jin Young; Park, Sung Heum; Jin, YoungeupARTICLE182
2014-01Enhanced efficiency of bilayer polymer solar cells by the solvent treatment methodLee, Jihoon; Jung, Yun Kyung; Lee, Dal Yong; Jang, Jae-Won; Cho, Shinuk; Son, Semo; Jeong, Junghyun; Park, Sung HeumARTICLE738
2009-08Isomeric iminofullerenes as acceptors in bulk heterojunction organic solar cellsPark, Sung Heum; Yang, Changduk; Cowan, Sarah; Lee, Jae Kwan; Wudl, Fred; Lee, Kwanghee; Heeger, Alan J.ARTICLE849
2021-03Ligand-engineered bandgap stability in mixed-halide perovskite LEDsHassan, Yasser; Park, Jong Hyun; Crawford, Michael L.; Sadhanala, Aditya; Lee, Jeongjae; Sadighian, James C.; Mosconi, Edoardo; Shivanna, Ravichandran; Radicchi, Eros; Jeong, Mingyu; Yang, Changduk; Choi, Hyosung; Park, Sung Heum; Song, Myoung Hoon; De Angelis, Filippo; Wong, Cathy Y.; Friend, Richard H.; Lee, Bo Ram; Snaith, Henry J.ARTICLE62
2020-01Molecular aggregation method for perovskite-fullerene bulk heterostructure solar cellsHa, Su Ryong; Jeong, Woo Hyeon; Liu, Yanliang; Oh, Jae Teak; Bae, Sung Yong; Lee, Seungjin; Kim, Jae Won; Bandyopadhyay, Sujoy; Jeong, Hong In; Kim, Jin Young; Kim, Younghoon; Song, Myoung Hoon; Park, Sung Heum; Stranks, Samuel D.; Lee, Bo Ram; Friend, Richard H.; Choi, HyosungARTICLE214
2018-03Overcoming Fill Factor Reduction in Ternary Polymer Solar Cells by Matching the Highest Occupied Molecular Orbital Energy Levels of Donor PolymersLee, Jihoon; Tamilavan, Vellaiappillai; Rho, Kyung Hwan; Keum, Sangha; Park, Ki Hong; Han, Dahee; Jung, Yun Kyung; Yang, Changduk; Jin, Youngeup; Jang, Jae-Won; Jeong, Jung Hyun; Park, Sung HeumARTICLE554
2018-07Photovoltaic polymers based on difluoroqinoxaline units with deep HOMO levelsSong, Suhee; Keum, Sangha; Lee, Ji-Hyun; Lee, Jihoon; Kim, Seungmin; Park, Seong Soo; Kim, Jin Young; Park, Sung Heum; Jin, YoungeupARTICLE560
2018-08Regioregular dithienosilole- and dithienogermole-based small molecules with symmetric distal/distal orientation of F atomsHan, Daehee; Lee, Jihoon; Lee, Sang Myeon; Seo, Jung Hwa; Park, Sung Heum; Yang, ChangdukARTICLE638
2012-11Regioselective 1,2,3-bisazfulleroid: doubly N-bridged bisimino-PCBMs for polymer solar cellsKim, Boram; Lee, Junghoon; Seo, Jung Hwa; Wudl, Fred; Park, Sung Heum; Yang, ChangdukARTICLE810
2020-07Solution processable small molecules as efficient electron transport layers in organic optoelectronic devicesKim, Jun Tae; Lee, Jihoon; Jan, Soyeong; Yu, Zhongkai; Park, Jong Hyun; Jung, Eui Dae; Lee, Seungjin; Song, Myoung Hoon; Whang, Dong Ryeol; Wu, Sangwook; Park, Sung Heum; Chang, Dong Wook; Lee, Bo RamARTICLE137
2008-10Stabilized Polymers with Novel Indenoindene Backbone against Photodegradation for LEDs and Solar CellsSong, Suhee; Jin, Youngeup; Kim, Sun Hee; Moon, Jihyun; Kim, Kwanghyun; Kim, Jin Young; Park, Sung Heum; Lee, Kwanghee; Suh, HongsukARTICLE805
2016-08Successful incorporation of optical spacer and additive solvent for enhancing the photocurrent of polymer solar cellChoi, Hoyeon; Tamilavan, Vellaiappillai; Lee, Dal Yong; Kim, Seungmin; Lee, Jihoon; Jung, Yun Kyung; Oh, Seung-Hwan; Jeong, Junghyun; Hyun, Myung Ho; Park, Sung Heum; Kim, KwanghoARTICLE741
2018-04Synthesis and photovoltaic properties of copolymers with a fluoro quinoxaline unitSong, Suhee; Kim, Seungmin; Kim, Wonjun; Park, Seong Soo; Park, Sung Heum; Jin, YoungeupARTICLE311
2020-07Synthesis and photovoltaic properties of organic molecules based on difluoroquinoxaline derivatives for OPVsKong, MinSung; Lee, Jihoon; Song, Suhee; Lee, Won-Ki; Kim, Jin Young; Park, Sung Heum; Jin, YoungeupARTICLE75
2020-12Water-stable polymer hole transport layer in organic and perovskite light-emitting diodesYu, Zhongkai; Ha, Su Ryong; Park, Jong Hyun; Jung, Eui Dae; Kim, Seongbeom; Kim, Jong-Man; Song, Myoung Hoon; Lee, Seungjin; Jeong, Woo Hyeon; Park, Sung Heum; Choi, Hyosung; Lee, Bo RamARTICLE88
Showing results 1 to 18 of 18