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2013-04A Novel Method for Corrosion Reaction Analysis by Fourier Transform Electrochemical Impedance Spectroscopy: Corrosion of 9Cr-1 Mo Ferritic Steel in 0.050M H2SO4Ko, Younghoon; Singh, Indra B.; Park, Su-MoonARTICLE727
2012-08Bistriphenylamine-based organic sensitizers with high molar extinction coefficients for dye-sensitized solar cellsChang, Dong Wook; Tsao, Hoi Nok; Salvatori, Paolo; De Angelis, Filippo; Graetzel, Michael; Park, Su-Moon; Dai, Liming; Lee, Hyo Joong; Baek, Jong-Beom; Nazeeruddin, Mohammad K.ARTICLE1153
2010-12CdSe quantum dot (QD) and molecular dye hybrid sensitizers for TiO2 mesoporous solar cells: working together with a common hole carrier of cobalt complexesLee, Hyo Joong; Chang, Dong Wook; Park, Su-Moon; Zakeeruddin, Shaik M.; Graetzel, Michael; Nazeeruddin, Md. K.ARTICLE792
2013-02Development of Galvanostatic Fourier Transform Electrochemical Impedance SpectroscopyNam, Kwang-Mo; Shin, Dong-Hyup; Jung, Namchul; Joo, Moon G.; Jeon, Sangmin; Park, Su-Moon; Chang, Byoung-YongARTICLE820
2009-07Diffusional Electrochemistry of Cytochrome c on Mixed Captopril/3-Mercapto-1-propanol Self-Assembled Monolayer Modified Gold ElectrodesMozaffari, Seyed Ahmad; Chang, Taihyun; Park, Su-MoonARTICLE1028
2009-12DNA Hybridization Sensors Based on Electrochemical Impedance Spectroscopy as a Detection ToolPark, Jin-Young; Park, Su-MoonARTICLE713
2013-10Electrochemical behavior of PbO2 nanowires array anodes in a zinc electrowinning solutionYang, Chang jiang; Park, Su-MoonARTICLE1363
2010-07Electrochemical Impedance SpectroscopyChang, Byoung-Yong; Park, Su-MoonARTICLE799
2009-10Electrochemistry of conductive polymers 44: A comparative study on electrochemically polymerized polythiophenes from thiophene, bithiophene, and terthiopheneMin, Geun Gi; Choi, Shin-Jung; Kim, Seung Bin; Park, Su-MoonARTICLE779
2010-02Electrochemistry of Conductive Polymers 46. Polymer Films as Overcharge Inhibitors for Lithium-Ion Rechargeable BatteriesPark, Su-Moon; Choi, Shin JungARTICLE679
2011-04Electrochemistry of Conductive Polymers 47: Effects of Solubilizers on 3,4-Ethylenedixoythiophene Oxidation in Aqueous Media and Properties of Resulting FilmsCho, Shin Hyo; Lee, Hyo Joong; Ko, Younghoon; Park, Su-MoonARTICLE920
2011Electrochemistry of Conductive Polymers 48. Electrochemical Polymerization of 3,4-Ethylenedioxythiophene in Ionic Liquids and Propylene CarbonateMin, Geun Gi; Kim, Seung Bin; Park, Su-MoonARTICLE749
2012-09Fourier transform electrochemical impedance spectroscopic studies on anodic reaction of leadYang, Chang Jiang; Ko, Younghoon; Park, Su-MoonARTICLE746
2011-12Fourier Transform Electrochemical Impedance Spectroscopic Studies on LiFePO4 Nanoparticles of Hollow Sphere Secondary StructuresMin, Geun Gi; Ko, Younghoon; Kim, Tae-Hee; Song, Hyun-Kon; Kim, Seung Bin; Park, Su-MoonARTICLE955
2011-06Fourier transform electrochemical impedance spectroscopic studies on platinum electrodes in an acidic mediumPark, Jin-Bum; Park, Su-MoonARTICLE775
2009-06Hydrothermal Synthesis of H2V3O8 Nanobelts from V2O5 Xerogels for Lithium Battery ApplicationsMho, Sun-Il; Reddy, Ch. V. S.; Kim, Youna; Yeo, In-Hyeong; Park, Su-MoonARTICLE780
2009-06Label-Free Electrochemical Detection of the p53 Core Domain Protein on Its Antibody Immobilized ElectrodeYeo, Jongchan; Park, Jin-Young; Bae, Won Jin; Lee, Yoon Suk; Kim, Byeang Hyean; Cho, Yunje; Park, Su-MoonARTICLE756
2010-10Label-Free Impedimetric Sensor for a Ribonucleic Acid Oligomer Specific to Hepatitis C Virus at a Self-Assembled Monolayer-Covered ElectrodePark, Jin-Young; Lee, Yoon-suk; Chang, Byoung-Yong; Kim, Byeang Hyean; Jeon, Sangmin; Park, Su-MoonARTICLE915
2011-09Mass-Transfer Admittance Voltammetry from Electrochemical Impedance Spectroscopy and Its ApplicationsChang, Byoung-Yong; Lee, Hyo Joong; Park, Su-MoonARTICLE747
2011-11Multifunctional Conjugated Polymers with Main-Chain Donors and Side-Chain Acceptors for Dye Sensitized Solar Cells (DSSCs) and Organic Photovoltaic Cells (OPVs)Chang, Dong Wook; Ko, Seo-Jin; Kim, Jin Young; Park, Su-Moon; Lee, Hyo Joong; Dai, Liming; Baek, Jong-BeomARTICLE939
Showing results 1 to 20 of 33