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2005-05Antiobesity effect of recombinant human caseinomacropeptide in Sprague-Dawley ratKim, YJ; Oh, YK; Yoo, SS; Park, KY; Kang, WK; Park, SARTICLE142
2005-08Blofilm microbial community of a thermophilic trickling biofilter used for continuous biohydrogen productionAhn, Y; Park, EJ; Oh, YK; Park, S; Webster, G; Weightman, AJARTICLE124
2005-05Degradation of styrene by a new isolate Pseudomonas putida SN1Park, MS; Han, JH; Yoo, SS; Lee, EY; Lee, SG; Park, SARTICLE123
2002-11Fermentative hydrogen production by a new chemoheterotrophic bacterium Rhodopseudomonas palustris P4Oh, YK; Seol, EH; Lee, EY; Park, SARTICLE164
2004-05First-principles study of the effect of charge on the stability of a diamond nanocluster surfacePark, Noejung; Park, S; Hwang, NM; Ihm, J; Tejima, S; Nakamura, HARTICLE504
2006-01Generation of a flanking sequence-tag database for activation-tagging lines in japonica riceJeong, DH; An, S; Park, S; Kang, HG; Park, GG; Kim, SR; Sim, J; Kim, YO; Kim, MK; Kim, SR; Kim, J; Shin, M; Jung, Mooyoung; An, GARTICLE583
2005-07Imidazole-based excited-state intramolecular proton-transfer materials: Synthesis and amplified spontaneous emission from a large single crystalPark, S; Kwon, Oh Hoon; Kim, S; Park, S; Choi, MG; Cha, M; Park, SY; Jang, DJARTICLE513
2019-05Machine learning approaches for detecting tropical cyclone formation using satellite dataKim, Minsang; Park, Myung-Sook; Im, Jungho; Park, S; Lee, Myong-InARTICLE254
2009-09Observation of a multiferroic critical end pointKim, Jae Wook; Haam, SY; Oh, Yoon Seok; Park, S; Cheong, SW; Sharma, PA; Jaime, M; Harrison, N; Han, Jung Hoon; Jeon, Gun-Sang; Coleman, P; Kim, Kee HoonARTICLE429
2002-08Physicochemical characterization of UASB sludge with different size distributionsAhn, Y; Song, YJ; Lee, YJ; Park, SARTICLE126
2004-12Production of (S)-styrene oxide by recombinant Pichia pastoris containing epoxide hydrolase from Rhodotorula glutinisLee, EY; Yoo, SS; Kim, HS; Lee, SJ; Oh, YK; Park, SARTICLE151
1998-12Psychophysical methods and passenger preferences of interior designsHan, SH; Jung, ES; Jung, Mooyoung; Kwahk, J; Park, SARTICLE534
2006-06Simulation of dynamic behavior of glucose- and tryptophan-grown Escherichia coli using constraint-based metabolic models with a hierarchical regulatory networkLee, SG; Kim, YJ; Il Han, S; Oh, YK; Park, S; Kim, YH; Hwang, KSARTICLE118
2002-04전기발광고분자의 양자효율 측정Lee, K; Park, S; Kim, Jin Young; Jin, Y; Seo, HARTICLE722
Showing results 1 to 14 of 14