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2001-02Application of photosensitive polyimides as alignment layer to optical switching devices of a nematic liquid crystalKim, GH; Enomoto, S; Kanazawa, A; Shiono, T; Ikeda, T; Park, LSARTICLE928
2001-01Application of synthetic polyamine flocculants for dye wastewater treatmentChoi, JH; Shin, WS; Lee, SH; Joo, DJ; Lee, JD; Choi, SJ; Park, LSARTICLE1167
2006-07Development of novel red phosphorescent iridium complex with phenyl-isoquinoline ligand for organic electrolumine scent deviceKim, DU; Paik, SH; Kim, SH; Tak, YH; Kim, SD; Kim, KD; Kim, KH; Ko, TH; Yoon, UC; Han, YS; Jeong, YC; Park, LSARTICLE1142
1997-02Effect of different treatment of PPV layer on the electrooptical properties of electroluminescence devicePark, LS; Shin, KS; Park, SKARTICLE749
1996-12Effect of membrane structure on the performance of field-effect transistor potassium-sensitive sensorPark, LS; Hur, YJ; Sohn, BKARTICLE698
2003-01Effect of oligomeric photoinitiator on the preperation and electro-optical property of polymer-dispersed liquid crystalSeok, JW; Ryu, HS; Seo, HJ; Kim, WS; Lee, DH; Min, KE; Seo, KH; Kang, IK; Park, LSARTICLE789
2003-07Effect of polyamine flocculant types on dye wastewater treatmentJoo, DJ; Shin, WS; Kim, YH; Kim, JH; Choi, JH; Choi, SJ; Park, LSARTICLE952
2002-04Effect of reactive polyurethane on toughness of unsaturated polyester resinMin, KE; Hwang, YG; Choi, GY; Kim, HG; Kim, WS; Lee, DH; Park, LS; Seo, KH; Kang, IK; Jun, IR; Lim, JC; Song, HCARTICLE894
1996-08Effect of temperature and water as additive on the MW and thermal properties of copoly(p-phenylene/biphenylene sulfide)sPark, LS; Lee, SC; Nam, JIARTICLE802
2005Electroluminescent property and photolithographic process of photosensitive random copolymersJeong, JW; Kwon, Y; Han, YS; Park, LSARTICLE837
2004-10Fabrication of electrophoretic display panel using prepatterned barrier ribPark, LS; Choi, Hyung Suk; Han, Yoon Soo; Kwon, YounghwanARTICLE755
2003-04Functional materials and electro-optic properties for polymer stabilized ferroelectric liquid crystalSong, Jeong Han; Park, LS; Seon, Eun Tae; Kim, Yong Bai; Ikeda, TomikiARTICLE812
2001-08Modification of poly(butylene succinate) with peroxide: Crosslinking, physical and thermal properties, and biodegradationKim, DJ; Kim, WS; Lee, DH; Min, KE; Park, LS; Kang, IK; Jeon, IR; Seo, KHARTICLE883
2003-03Morphology and metabolism of Ba-alginate-encapsulated hepatocytes with galactosylated chitosan and poly(vinyl alcohol) as extracellular matricesGuo, XL; Yang, KS; Hyun, JY; Kim, WS; Lee, DH; Min, KE; Park, LS; Seo, KH; Kim, YI; Cho, CS; Kang, IKARTICLE979
1995-11Polymerization behavior and thermal properties of PPS and poly(arylene sulfide)sLee, SC; Park, LSARTICLE1014
1995-09Polymerization behavior of PPS, PBS, and PPSE and thermal propertiesLee, SC; Park, LSARTICLE922
2000-10Polymerization of ethylene initiated with trisiloxane-bridged heterometallic dinuclear metalloceneLee, DH; Lee, HB; Kim, WS; Min, KE; Park, LS; Seo, KH; Kang, IKARTICLE901
2002-07Preparation and properties of aromatic polyimides based on 4,4 '-(2.2,2-trifluoro-1-phenylethylidene)diphthalic anhydrideLee, DH; Koo, SY; Lee, HS; Kim, WS; Min, KE; Park, LS; Seo, KH; Kang, IK; Choi, HJARTICLE1131
2003-07Synthesis and characterization of polyacrylate derivatives having protected isocyanate groups and fluorinated alkyl groupsKim, WS; Kim, MW; Jung, EC; Baek, CH; Park, LS; Kang, IK; Park, SYARTICLE1057
Showing results 1 to 19 of 19