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2021-11-196-inch Semiconductor FAB Alliance for Developing Low-Power FEOL Integration ProcessesPark, KibogCONFERENCE174
2019-04-25A study on the dephasing sources in superconducting transmon qubit in Ramsey experimentsChoi, Jisoo; Choi, Gahyun; Park, Gwanyeol; Son, Jinsu; Lee, Kwan-Woo; Park, Kibog; Lee, Soon-Gul; Kang, Byeongwon; Song, Woon; Chong, YonukCONFERENCE227
2015-10-21Achieving Thermodynamic Limit of Subthreshold Slope by Inserting Pillar Structure in Nanoscale Schottky Barrier Field Effect TransistorLee, Jung-Yong; Jung, Sungchul; Park, KibogCONFERENCE125
2016-03-15Achieving Thermodynamic Limit of Subthreshold Slope by Inserting Pillar Structure to Nanoscale Schottky Barrier MOSFETLee, Jung-Yong; Jung, Sungchul; Park, KibogCONFERENCE175
2019-04-25AuCN Nanowire Epitaxy on Graphene for Hybrid PhototransistorKim, Kwanpyo; Jang, Jeongsu; Lee, Yangjin; Yoon, Jun-Yeong; Yoon, Hoon Hahn; Koo, Jahyun; Lee, Hoonkyung; Park, KibogCONFERENCE339
2020-02Ballistic Carrier Transport Through Graphene: Out-of-Plane and In-Plane AspectsPark, Kibog; Yoon, Hoon HahnDoctoral thesis463
2004Ballistic electron emission microscopy study of p-type 4H-SiCDing, Y; Park, Kibog; Pelz, JP; Los, AV; Mazzola, MSARTICLE843
2010-10-20BaTiO3와 Ba(1-x)Ca(x)TiO3 강유전체 단결정의 상유전상에서의 탄성 특성 연구Park, KibogCONFERENCE122
2022-05C60 Adsorbed on TiO2 Drives Dark Generation of Hydroxyl RadicalsSohn, So-Dam; Kim, Yohan; Jung, Sungchul; Kang, Jeong Su; Han, Huijun; Kim, Kwang S.; Park, Kibog; Shin, Hyung-JoonARTICLE202
2019-02-14Capacitive Heart-Rate Sensing on Touch Screen Panel with Laterally Interspaced ElectrodesKim, Junhyung; Jung, Sungchul; Song, Wonho; Mo, Kyuhyung; Kim, Yuna; Park, Wonsang; You, Bonghyun; Park, KibogCONFERENCE184
2020-07Capacitive Heart-Rate Sensing on Touch Screen Panel with Laterally Interspaced ElectrodesKim, Junhyung; Song, Wonho; Jung, Sungchul; Kim, Yuna; Park, Wonsang; You, Bonghyun; Park, KibogARTICLE378
2019-08Capacitive Memory Effect of Metal/Semiconductor Junction and Its Application in Superconducting Circuit QEDPark, Kibog; Choi, GahyunDoctoral thesis598
2018-08-01Carrier Transport in Lateral Graphene/Fluorinated-Graphene/Graphene TunnelJunction Formed with Area-Selective FluorinationJung, Sungchul; Yoon, Hoon Hahn; Kim, Junhyung; Lee, Jung-Yong; Mo, Kyuhyung; Park, KibogCONFERENCE184
2016-02Carrier Transport of Edge Tunnel Junction and its ApplicationsPark, Kibog; Jeon, YoungeunDoctoral thesis1009
2019-02Carrier Transport of Graphene Quantum Device and its Application for Ferroelectric MemoryPark, Kibog; Jung, SungchulDoctoral thesis644
2016-10-19Characterization and Optimization of Single Qubit Operations in Superconducting Transmon Qubit SystemNoh, Taewan; Park, Gwanyeol; Choi, Gahyun; Lee, Soongul; Park, Kibog; Song, Woon; Chong, YonukCONFERENCE157
2017-11-24Confinement-Controlled Growth of Epitaxial Graphene on Hexagonal SiC with Metal Plate Capping: Enhanced Structural and Carrier Transport PropertiesPark, Kibog; Jin, Hanbyul; Jung, Sungchul; Kim, Junhyung; Mo, Kyuhyung; Min, Kil-Joon; Chae, Dong-Hun; Park, Jaesung; Kim, Wan-SeopCONFERENCE198
2021-01-29Controllable Bias Field of Tensile Strained BaTiO3 Epitaxial FilmLee, Jun Han; Duong, Nguyen Xuan; Jung, Min-Hyoung; Kim, Junhyung; Kim, Ahyoung; Kim, Gye-Hyeon; Cho, Byeong-Gwan; Lee, Hyun-Jae; Park, Daehwan; Kim, Young-Min; Lee, Jun Hee; Koo, Tae-Yeong; Sohn, Chang Hee; Yang, Sang Mo; Park, Kibog; Jeong, Hu Young; Kim, Tae Heon; Oh, Yoon SeokCONFERENCE227
2015-07Controllable Synthesis of Graphene Encapsulated Low-Dimensional NanocompositesKim, Se-Yang; Kwak, Jinsung; Chu, Jae Hwan; Kim, Jeong Beom; Kim, Sung Youb; Park, Kibog; Kwon, Soon-YongARTICLE1416
2018-10-25Coupling strength between superconducting transmon qubit and mode of electromagnetic field in 3D microwave cavitySon, Jinsu; Choi, Gahyun; Choi, Jisu; Park, Gwanyeol; Noh, Taewan; Kang, Byeongwon; Park, Kibog; Lee, Kwan-Woo; Lee, Soon-Gul; Song, Woon; Chong, YonukCONFERENCE208
Showing results 1 to 20 of 166