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2018-07-226-DOF displacement field measurement using RGB color and depth informationLee, Sahyeon; Lee, Junhwa; Park, Jong-Woong; Sim, Sung-HanCONFERENCE93
2014-02A wireless smart sensor network for automated monitoring of cable tensionSim, Sung-Han; Li, Jian; Jo, Hongki; Park, Jong-Woong; Cho, Soojin; Billie, F Spencer Jr; Jung, Hyung-JoARTICLE700
2014-11-17Bridge deflection estimation using Kalman filter for data fusionSim, Sung-Han; Bae, Myunghwan; Cho, Soojin; Park, Jong-WoongCONFERENCE56
2016-12-07Damage identification of monopile offshore wind structures using data fusion of acceleration and angular velocitySim, Sung-Han; Kim, Eun Jin; Park, Jong-WoongCONFERENCE46
2015-04Decentralized system identification using stochastic subspace identification for wireless sensor networksCho, Soojin; Park, Jong-Woong; Sim, Sung-HanARTICLE730
2013-07-19Development of a Multisensor Fusion Algorithm for Displacement EstimationSim, Sung-Han; Jung, Hyungjo; Park, Jong-WoongCONFERENCE28
2015-03Development of temperature-robust damage factor based on sensor fusion for a wind turbine structurePark, Jong-Woong; Sim, Sung-Han; Yi, Jin-Hak; Jung, Hyung-JoARTICLE652
2013-12Displacement Estimation Using Multimetric Data FusionPark, Jong-Woong; Sim, Sung-Han; Jung, Hyung-JoARTICLE814
2018-07-22Equivalent neutral axis identification for damage detection of bridgesPark, Jong-Woong; Moon, Do-Soo; Sim, Sung-Han; Spencer, Billie FCONFERENCE33
2014-07-07Fusion of multisensor data for bridge deflection estimationSim, Sung-Han; Cho, Soojin; Park, Jong-Woong; Palanisamy, Rajendra PrasathCONFERENCE38
2015-02Issues in structural health monitoring for fixed-type offshore structures under harsh tidal environmentsJung, Byung-Jin; Park, Jong-Woong; Sim, Sung-Han; Yi, Jin-HakARTICLE686
2014-03-11Multisensor fusion for system identificationSim, Sung-Han; Cho, Soojin; Park, Jong-Woong; Kim, HyunjunCONFERENCE36
2016-08Reference-Free Displacement Estimation of Bridges Using Kalman Filter-Based Multimetric Data FusionCho, Soojin; Park, Jong-Woong; Palanisamy, Rajendra P.; Sim, Sung-HanARTICLE662
2014-04Smart wireless sensing and assessment for civil infrastructureYun, Chung Bang; Cho, Soojin; Park, Hyun-Jun; Min, Jiyoung; Park, Jong-WoongARTICLE965
2017-08-28Stability assessment method for railroad bridges using acceleration and strain in combinationSim, Sung-Han; Park, Jong-WoongCONFERENCE31
2015-02Study on Combined Use of Inclination and Acceleration for Displacement Estimation of a Wind Turbine StructurePark, Jong-Woong; Sim, Sung-Han; Jung, Byung-Jin; Yi, Jin-HakARTICLE673
2016-10Traffic Safety Evaluation for Railway Bridges Using Expanded Multisensor Data FusionPark, Jong-Woong; Lee, Kyoung-Chan; Sim, Sung-Han; Jung, Hyung-Jo; Spencer, Billie F.ARTICLE687
2014-04Wireless displacement sensing system for bridges using multi-sensor fusionPark, Jong-Woong; Sim, Sung-Han; Jung, Hyung-JoARTICLE674
2013-09Wireless sensor network for decentralized damage detection of building structuresPark, Jong-Woong; Sim, Sung-Han; Jung, Hyung-JoARTICLE627
2016-05구조물 모니터링을 위한 무선 스마트 센서 네트워크의 칼만 필터 기반 데이터 복구Kim, Eun-Jin; Park, Jong-Woong; Sim, Sung-HanARTICLE618
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