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2020-03A modular factory testbed for the rapid reconfiguration of manufacturing systemsKim, Duck Young; Park, JW; Baek, S; Park, KB; Kim, HR; Park, JI; Kim, HS; Kim, BB; Oh, HY; Namgung, K; Baek, WARTICLE416
2006An Affect-Expression Space Model of the Face in a Mascot-Type RobotLee, Hui Sung; Park, JY; Park, JW; Chung, MJCONFERENCE78
2008Color and Blinking Control to Support Facial Expression of Robot for Emotional Intensity,Kim, MG; Lee, Hui Sung; Park, JW; Jo, SH; Chung, MJCONFERENCE57
2007-06Dynamic Emotion Model in 3D Affect Space for a Mascot-Type Facial RobotPark, JW; Lee, Hui Sung; Chung, MJCONFERENCE66
2008-10Dynamic Expression Based on Affect-Expression Space Model for a Mascot-Type Facial RobotChung, MJ; Park, JW; Lee, Hui SungCONFERENCE52
2004-09Effects of surface anchoring groups (Carboxylate vs phosphonate) in ruthenium-complex-sensitized TiO2 on visible light reactivity in aqueous suspensionsBae, EY; Choi, WY; Park, JW; Shin, Hyeon Suk; Kim, SB; Lee, JSARTICLE722
2006-07Fabrication of charged particles for electrophoretic displayPark, Lee Soon; Park, JW; Choi, HY; Han, YS; Kwon, Y; Choi, HSARTICLE463
1999On Board Testing of the Control System in LNG Carrier Using Dynamic SimulatorChung, Jibum; Lee, IG; Kim, WB; You, HJ; Park, JW; Yun, YS; Koo, BC; Lee, JHCONFERENCE58
1998-08Preparation of N,N '-disilylated 1,8-diaminonaphthalene chelates and their group 4 metal complexes for ethylene polymerizationLee, CH; La, YH; Park, Soojin; Park, JWARTICLE621
2008-06Reactive Emotion Generation Model in Four PhasesLee, WH; Lee, Hui Sung; Park, JW; Kim, MG; Chung, MJCONFERENCE56
2008The Emotional Boundary Decision in a Linear Affect-Expression Space for Effective Robot Behavior GenerationJo, SH; Lee, Hui Sung; Park, JW; Kim, MG; Chung, MJCONFERENCE58
2006-12-14Two Type of Facial Robots for Visual Attention and Emotional ExpressionsLee, Hui Sung; Kim, DH; An, KH; Park, JW; Ryu, YG; Chung, MJCONFERENCE49
Showing results 1 to 12 of 12