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2013-08-04BRAFV600E Mutations Occur in the Hematopoietic Stem Cells of Patients with Hairy Cell LeukemiaKim, Eunhee; Chung, S; Chung, YR; Lito, P; Feldstein, J; Rampal, R; Park, CY; Tallman, MS; Rosen, N; Park, J; Abdel-Wahab O.CONFERENCE123
2009-10-21Centrifugal Microfluidics for Biomedical ApplicationsGorkin, R; Park, J; Siegrist, J; Amasia, M; Lee, BS; Park, JM; Kim, J; Kim, H; Madou, Mark; Cho, Yoon-KyoungCONFERENCE119
2004-06-01Coupling of simultaneous switching noise to interconnecting lines in high-speed systemsKim, J; Rotaru, MD; Chong, KC; Park, J; Iyer, MK; Kim, JCONFERENCE120
2019-08-25Development of Monte Carlo multi-physics code MCS for power reactor analysisLee, H; Kim, W; Zhang, P; Lemaire, M; Khassenov, A; Jo, Y; Park, J; Yu, J; Lee, DeokjungCONFERENCE126
2018-05-07Development of simulation-based test-bed for nuclear power plant safety-critical softwareLee, SH; Lee, Seung Jun; Park, J; Eunchan, L; Kang, HGCONFERENCE106
1996-05Energy relaxation dynamics of photoexcited C-60 solidYang, SI; Suh, Yung Doug; Jin, SM; Kim, SK; Park, J; Shin, EJ; Kim, DARTICLE5
2006-03Face-driven corner-linked octahedral nanocages: M6L8 cages formed by C-3-symmetric triangular facial ligands linked via C-4-symmetric square tetratopic Pd-II ions at truncated octahedron cornersMoon, D; Kang, S; Park, J; Lee, K; John, RP; Won, H; Seong, GH; Kim, YS; Kim, GH; Rhee, H; Lah, Myoung SooARTICLE1169
2018-06-18High-order tensor regularization with application to attribute rankingKim, Kwang In; Park, J; Tompkin, JCONFERENCE158
2019-04-28Interfacing passive system performance degradation initiated by nuclear power plant operator actionFynan, Douglas A.; Park, JCONFERENCE152
2005-00Massive Nano-Assembly Method for Integrated Device Structures Based on Nanotubes and NanowiresNamgung, Seon; Im, J; Myung, S; Lee, M; Byun, K; Hong, S; Park, J; Seong, MJCONFERENCE119
2019-08-25Multi-cycle analysis of OPR1000 using multi-physics coupled codes of RAST-K, CTF and FRAPCONKim, H; Cherezov, A; Yu, J; Park, J; Lee, DeokjungCONFERENCE164
2006-07-23Nanoporous Pt/WC as an Anode for Direct Methanol Fuel CellsGanesan, Raman; Ham, D; Lee, Jae Sung; Kim, H; Oh, YJ; Park, J; Lee, WCONFERENCE128
2017-06-20Nanoscale easy tear process for ultra-fast responsive colloidal crystal-pdms composite VOCS sensorsChang, HK; Thokchom, AK; Kim, Taesung; Park, JCONFERENCE108
2009-04-01Pattern Formation in a Synthetic Microbial PathwayKim, Taesung; Holtz, WJ; Park, J; Keasling, JD; Maharbiz, MMCONFERENCE98
2017-06-19Permanent encapsulation of nanoparticle patterns formed by inkjet printer for transparent and flexible anti-counterfiet applicationsThokchom, AK; Park, J; Zhou, Q; Ha, D; Park, J; Lee, K; Kim, TaesungCONFERENCE104
2013-08Removal and transformation of pharmaceuticals in wastewater treatment plants and constructed wetlandsCho, Jaeweon; Lee, E; Lee, S; Park, J; Kim, YARTICLE634
2002-05RhoA and Rho kinase-dependent phosphorylation of moesin at Thr-558 in hippocampal neuronal cells by glutamateJeon, S; Kim, S; Park, JB; Suh, Pann-Ghill; Kim, YS; Bae, CD; Park, JARTICLE708
2005-12Rhodium nanoparticles entrapped in boehmite nanofibers: recyclable catalyst for arene hydrogenation under mild conditionsPark, IS; Kwon, MS; Kim, N; Lee, Jae Sung; Kang, KY; Park, JARTICLE689
2006-05Self-assembled monolayers on Pt(111): Molecular packing structure and strain effects observed by scanning tunneling microscopyLee, S; Park, J; Ragan, R; Kim, S; Lee, Zonghoon; Lim, DK; Ohlberg, DAA; Williams, RSARTICLE793
2002-07Synthesis of highly crystalline and monodisperse cobalt ferrite nanocrystalsHyeon, T; Chung, Y; Park, J; Lee, SS; Kim, YW; Park, BHARTICLE788
Showing results 1 to 20 of 21