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2017-08Adhesion of bioinspired nanocomposite microstructure at high temperaturesSeong, Minho; Jeong, Changyoon; Yi, Hoon; Park, Hyun-Ha; Bae, Won-Gyu; Park, Young-Bin; Jeong, Hoon EuiARTICLE1310
2022-08Bifunctional Amphiphilic Nanospikes with Antifogging and Antibiofouling PropertiesLee, Sang-Hyeon; Kang, Minsu; Jang, Hyejin; Kondaveeti, Stalin; Sun, Kahyun; Kim, Somi; Park, Hyun-Ha; Jeong, Hoon EuiARTICLE4
2016-01-13Bio-inspired conductive dry adhesive pads using CNT/PDMS compositeSeong, Minho; Yi, Hoon; Hwang, Insol; Lee, Joosung; Ko, Hangil; Park, Hyun-Ha; Jeong, Hoon EuiCONFERENCE250
2021-02Biofouling-resistant tubular fluidic devices with magneto-responsive dynamic wallsChoi, Geonjun; Ko, Hangil; Jang, Hyejin; Hwang, Insol; Seong, Minho; Sun, Kahyun; Park, Hyun-Ha; Park, Tae-Eun; Kim, Jangho; Jeong, Hoon EuiARTICLE265
2020-02Bioinspired Polymeric Nanoneedle Array for Effective and Robust Anti-biofoulingJeong, Hoon Eui; Park, Hyun-HaDoctoral thesis571
2019-11Cellulose acetate nanoneedle array covered with phosphorylcholine moiety as a biocompatible and sustainable antifouling materialPark, Hyun-Ha; Sun, Kahyun; Lee, Dongjin; Seong, Minho; Cha, Chaenyung; Jeong, Hoon EuiARTICLE798
2017-05-12Development of Bio-inspired Dry Adhesives Utilizing Precise CNC Machining and Replica MoldingHwang, Insol; Ko, Hangil; Seong, Minho; Park, Hyun-Ha; Sun, Kahyun; Yi, Hoon; Kang, Minsu; Jeong, Hoon EuiCONFERENCE173
2017-12Flexible and Shape-Reconfigurable Hydrogel Interlocking Adhesives for High Adhesion in Wet Environments Based on Anisotropic Swelling of Hydrogel MicrostructuresPark, Hyun-Ha; Seong, Minho; Sung, Kahyun; Ko, Hangil; Kim, Sang Moon; Jeong, Hoon EuiARTICLE763
2019-10Graphene-Layered Eggshell Membrane as a Flexible and Functional Scaffold for Enhanced Proliferation and Differentiation of Stem CellsPark, Sunho; Kim, Teayeop; Gwon, Yonghyun; Kim, Sujin; Kim, Daun; Park, Hyun-Ha; Lim, Ki-Taek; Jeong, Hoon Eui; Kim, Kyunghoon; Kim, JanghoARTICLE430
2018-12Hybrid Architectures of Heterogeneous Carbon Nanotube Composite Microstructures Enable Multiaxial Strain Perception with High Sensitivity and Ultrabroad Sensing RangeSun, Kahyun; Ko, Hangil; Park, Hyun-Ha; Seong, Minho; Lee, Sang-Hyeon; Yi, Hoon; Park, Hyung Wook; Kim, Tae-il; Pang, Changhyun; Jeong, Hoon EuiARTICLE672
2018-12-14Hybrid Configuration of Microstructure Based on Nanomaterial for Strain Perception with High Sensitivity and Ultrabroad sensing rangeSun, Kahyun; Seong, Minho; Yi, Hoon; Park, Hyun-Ha; Ko, Hangil; Hwang, Insol; Jeong, Hoon EuiCONFERENCE254
2019-10Hydrogel Nanospike Patch as a Flexible Anti-Pathogenic Scaffold for Regulating Stem Cell BehaviorPark, Sunho; Park, Hyun-Ha; Sun, Kahyun; Gwon, Yonghyun; Seong, Minho; Kim, Sujin; Park, Tae-Eun; Hyun, Hoon; Choung, Yun-Hoon; Kim, Jangho; Jeong, Hoon EuiARTICLE498
2018-12-14Lipid-Hydrogel-Nanostructure Hybrid and Its Anti-Biofilm PropertiesPark, Hyun-Ha; Sun, Kahyun; Yi, Hoon; Ko, Hangil; Seong, Minho; Hwang, Insol; Lee, SangHyun; Kang, Minsu; Ko, Hyunwook; Jeong, Hoon EuiCONFERENCE216
2019-05-24Lipid-Hydrogel-Nanostructure Hybrid and Its Anti-Biofilm PropertiesPark, Hyun-Ha; Sun, Kahyun; Yi, Hoon; Ko, Hangil; Seong, Minho; Hwang, Insol; Lee, SangHyun; Kang, Minsu; Ko, Hyunwook; Jeong, Hoon EuiCONFERENCE136
2019-01Lipid-Hydrogel-Nanostructure Hybrids as Robust Biofilm-Resistant Polymeric MaterialsPark, Hyun-Ha; Sun, Kahyun; Seong, Minho; M. Kang; Park, Sunho; Park, Seongkyeol; Jung, Hosup; Jang, Jaesung; Kim, Jangho; Jeong, Hoon EuiARTICLE758
2020-04Low-Resistant Electrical and Robust Mechanical Contacts of Self-Attachable Flexible Transparent Electrodes with Patternable CircuitsHwang, Insol; Seong, Minho; Yi, Hoon; Ko, Hangil; Park, Hyun-Ha; Yeo, Junyeob; Bae, Won-Gyu; Park, Hyung Wook; Jeong, Hoon EuiARTICLE328
2019-06-12Novel Lipid-Hydrogel-Nanostructure Hybrids for Antifouling applicationsPark, Hyun-Ha; Sun, Kahyun; Seong, Minho; Hwang, Insol; Kang, Minsu; Jeong, Hoon EuiCONFERENCE124
2017-05Partially Cured Photopolymer with Gradient Bingham Plastic Behaviors as a Versatile Deformable MaterialKwak, Rhokyun; Park, Hyun-Ha; Ko, Hangil; Seong, Minho; Kwak, Moon Kyu; Jeong, Hoon EuiARTICLE693
2016-01-13Physical and Electrical characterizations of bacterial cells with nanowire arraysPark, Hyun-Ha; Yi, Hoon; Ko, Hangil; Seong, Minho; Jeong, Hoon EuiCONFERENCE112
2019-01Strong and Reversible Adhesion of Interlocked 3D-MicroarchitecturesSeong, Minho; Park, Hyun-Ha; Hwang, Insol; Jeong, Hoon EuiARTICLE353
Showing results 1 to 20 of 22