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2017-11-212D transition metal dichalcogenides modified PEDOT:PSS as the hole-transport layer for highly efficient p-i-n perovskite solar cellsChoi, Yunsung; Oh, NamKhen; Lee, Junghyun; Koo, Dong Hwan; Park, HyesungCONFERENCE213
2014-03-03A Graphene-Coated Ion Trap for Electric Field Noise SuppressionEltony, Amira; Park, Hyesung; Wang, Shannon; Kong, Jing; Chuang, IssacCONFERENCE148
2018-12A highly robust and stable graphene-encapsulated Cu-grid hybrid transparent electrode demonstrating superior performance in organic solar cellsJeong, Gyujeong; Jung, Seungon; Choi, Yunseong; Lee, Junghyun; Seo, Jihyung; Kim, Dong Suk; Park, HyesungARTICLE522
2016-11A Low-Energy Electron Beam Does Not Damage Single-Walled Carbon Nanotubes and GrapheneChoi, Jae Hong; Lee, Junghyun; Moon, Seung Min; Kim, Yun-Tae; Park, Hyesung; Lee, Chang YoungARTICLE952
2022-07A single-atom vanadium-doped 2D semiconductor platform for attomolar-level molecular sensingSeo, Jihyung; Kim, Yongchul; Lee, Junghyun; Son, Eunbin; Jung, Min-Hyoung; Kim, Young-Min; Jeong, Hu Young; Lee, Geunsik; Park, HyesungARTICLE150
2021-08A thermodynamic approach toward selective and reversible sub-ppm H2S sensing using ultra-small CuO nanorods impregnated with Nb2O5 nanoparticlesPurbia, Rahul; Kwon, Yeong Min; Choi, Sung Yeol; Kim, Sang Heon; Lee, Yun Sik; Ahi, Zehra Betul; Park, Hyesung; Baik, Jeong MinARTICLE112
2022-06A vertically oriented two-dimensional Ruddlesden-Popper phase perovskite passivation layer for efficient and stable inverted perovskite solar cellsChoi, Yunseong; Koo, Donghwan; Jeong, Gyujeong; Kim, Ungsoo; Kim, Hyungmin; Huang, Fuzhi; Park, HyesungARTICLE26
2021-11-11All-Vacuum Processable Perovskite Solar Cells with High Efficiency, Stability, and Scalability Park, HyesungCONFERENCE73
2021-10Amorphous Alumina Film Robust under Cyclic Deformation: a Highly Impermeable and a Highly Flexible Encapsulation MaterialWoo, Jeong-Hyun; Koo, Donghwan; Kim, Na-Hyang; Kim, Hangeul; Song, Myoung Hoon; Park, Hyesung; Kim, Ju-YoungARTICLE126
2016-06Amphiphilic Graft Copolymers as a Versatile Binder for Various Electrodes of High-Performance Lithium-Ion BatteriesLee, Jung-In; Kang, Hyojin; Park, Kwang Hyun; Shin, Myoungsoo; Hong, Dongki; Cho, Hye Jin; Kang, Na-Ri; Lee, Jungho; Lee, Sang Myeon; Kim, Ju-Young; Kim, Choon Ki; Park, Hyesung; Choi, Nam-Soon; Park, Soojin; Yang, ChangdukARTICLE1370
2014-06An Alternative Hole Transport Layer for Both ITO- and Graphene-Based Organic Solar CellsPark, Hyesung; Kong, JingARTICLE806
2013-08Anomalous Behaviors of Graphene Transparent Conductors in Graphene-Silicon Heterojunction Solar CellsLi, Xinming; Xie, Dan; Park, Hyesung; Zeng, Tingying Helen; Wang, Kunlin; Wei, Jinquan; Zhong, Minlin; Wu, Dehai; Kong, Jing; Zhu, HongweiARTICLE779
2012-11-29Application of Solvent Modified PEDOT:PSS to Graphene Electrodes in Organic Solar CellsPark, Hyesung; Shi, Yumeng; Kong, JingCONFERENCE102
2013-10Application of solvent modified PEDOT:PSS to graphene electrodes in organic solar cellsPark, Hyesung; Shi, Yumeng; Kong, JingARTICLE995
2019-03-28Aqueous Dispersion of Transition Metal Dichalcogenides via Nafion-Mediated Liquid-Phase Exfoliation and Direct Application in Hydrogen Evolution ReactionOh, Nam Khen; Lee, Hoon Ju; Choi. Keunsu; Seo, Jihyung; Kim, Ungsoo; Lee, Junghyun; Choi, Yunseoung; Jung, Seungon; Lee, Jun Hee; Shin, Hyeon Suk; Park, HyesungCONFERENCE262
2018-03-29Atomic Structure and anisotropic property of ReS2/graphene van der Waals heterostructure synthesized via chemical vapor depositionSeo, Jihyung; Lee, Junghyun; Park, HyesungCONFERENCE169
2018-11Bio-Inspired Catecholamine-Derived Surface Modifier for Graphene-Based Organic Solar CellsJung, Seungon; Kim, Hyeonjung; Lee, Junghyun; Jeong, Gyujeong; Kim, Hyunhong; Park, Jongnam; Park, HyesungARTICLE729
2022-02Breathable Artificial Interphase for Dendrite-Free and Chemo-Resistive Lithium Metal AnodeSong, Gyujin; Hwang, Chihyun; Song, Woo-Jin; Lee, Jung Hyun; Lee, Sangyeop; Han, Dong-Yeob; Kim, Jonghak; Park, Hyesung; Song, Hyun-Kon; Park, SoojinARTICLE110
2020-12Catalytic Oxidation of Methane to Oxygenated Products: Recent Advancements and Prospects for Electrocatalytic and Photocatalytic Conversion at Low TemperaturesShah, Md Selim Arif Sher; Oh, Cheoulwoo; Park, Hyesung; Hwang, Yun Jeong; Ma, Ming; Park, Jong HyeokARTICLE167
2007-07Computational and functional evaluation of a microfluidic blood flow deviceGilbert, Richard J.; Park, Hyesung; Rasponi, Marco; Redaelli, Alberto; Gellman, Barry; Dasse, Kurt A.; Thorsen, ToddARTICLE787
Showing results 1 to 20 of 135