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2014-08-172-D Microwave Imaging Reflectometry (MIR) in KSTARPark, Hyeon Keo; Lee, JiEun; Lee, Woochang; Leem, June-EoK; Yun, Gunsu; Kim, YG; Park, H; Kim, Kang Wook; Domier, CW; Luhmann Jr, NCCONFERENCE423
2005-11-10A composite photocatalyst of CdS nanoparticles and TiO2 nanosheetsChoi, SH; Choi, W; Jang, JS; Lee, Jae Sung; Park, HCONFERENCE316
2000A new method for solving branching problems in surface reconstructionJeong, J; Kim, K; Park, H; Jung, MooyoungARTICLE1143
1999B-spline surface approximation to cross-sections using distance mapsJeong, J; Kim, K; Park, H; Cho, H; Jung, MooyoungARTICLE1166
2014-09-17Bit Allocation and Pairing Methods for Distributed Antenna Systems with Limited FeedbackLee, Hoon; Park, E; Park, H; Lee, ICONFERENCE82
2014-06-25Comparative study of the ELMs between the ECEI observations and BOUT++ simulations in KSTAR H-mode plasmaChoi, MJ; Domier, CW; Kim, M; Lee, J; Lee, JE; Lee, W; Pankin, AY; Park, H; Park, Hyeon Keo; Xu, X; Yun, GSCONFERENCE319
2019-04-26Differences between main-shock and aftershock ground motions using the Japan’s KiK-net databaseLee, H; Park, H; Kim, ByungminCONFERENCE420
2005-02Highly enantioselective epoxidation of 2.4-diarylenones by using dimeric cinchona phase-transfer catalysts: Enhancement of enantioselectivity by surfactantsJew, S; Lee, JH; Jeong, BS; Yoo, MS; Kim, MJ; Lee, YJ; Lee, J; Choi, SH; Lee, K; Lah, Myoung Soo; Park, HARTICLE1181
2016-06-07Ion-scale turbulence measurements in KSTAR L-mode dischargesLee, Woochang; Park, Hyeon Keo; Leem, J; Yun, GS; Ko, SH; Park, YS; Kim, TK; Park, H; Lim, KW; Domier, CW; Luhmann, Jr, NCCONFERENCE345
2015-04-23Observation of reduced turbulence scale length by electron cyclotron heating in KSTAR L-mode plasmasPark, Hyeonkeo; Lee, Jihun; Lee, Woochang; Yun, Gunsu; Leem, June-EoK; Kim, YG; Park, H; Kim, Kang Wook; Domier, CW; Luhmann, Jr, NCCONFERENCE357
2014-06-03Quasi 3-D ECE Imaging System for Study of MHD instabilities in KSTARPark, Hyeon Keo; Yun, Gunsu; Lee, Woochang; Choi, Minjun; Lee, Jaehyun; Kim, Minwoo; Leem, June-EoK; Nam, Y; Choe, Gyeonghyeon; Park, H; Woo, DS; Kim, Kang Wook; Domier, CW; Ito, N; Luhmann, NC; Mase, A; Lee, SGCONFERENCE353
2016-02-24Quasi-coherent mode observation in KSTAR ohmic plasmas with microwave imaging reflectometryPark, Hyeon Keo; Lee, JA; Lee, Woochang; Leem, June-eok; Yun, Gunsu; Kim, TK; Park, H; Kim, KW; Park, YS; Ko, SH; Domier, CW; Luhmann, Jr., NC; the KSTAR teamCONFERENCE349
2015-02-25Radial electric field prediction with MIR / Preliminary result of weak magnetic perturbation on edge turbulence experimentPark, Hyeon Keo; Lee, WooChang; Leem, June-EoK; Lee, Ji Hun; Yun, GunSu; Ko, SH; Ko, WH; Lee, KD; Nam,YU; Park, YS; Kim, TK; Park, H; Kim, Kang Wook; Domier, CW; Luhmann,Jr, NCCONFERENCE372
2015-11-18Resolving the uncertainties of non-axisymmetric fields in tokamaksIn, Yongkyoon; Seol, J; Ko, WH; Lee, SG; Yoon, SW; Lee, HH; Jeon, YM; Kim, J; Bak, JG; Park, H; Park, JK; Yun, GSCONFERENCE397
2014-06-26Simultaneous measurement of poloidal flow velocity of the density turbulence at two radial positions in the KSTAR plasmaPark, Hyeon Keo; Domier, CW; Ko, WH; Lee, SG; Lee, W; Leem, J; Luhmann, Jr. NC; Park, H; Yun, GSCONFERENCE282
2016-02-24Spatial and temporal scales of ion-scale turbulence in L-mode dischargesPark, Hyeon Keo; Lee, Woochang; Leem, June-eok; Lee, JA; Choi, Minjun; Yun, Gunsu; Ko, SH; Park, YS; Bundy, RV; Wang, WX; Ethier, S; Kim, TK; Park, H; Domier, CW; Luhmann, Jr., NC; the KSTAR teamCONFERENCE336
1997-01Steady state photoconductivity of poly(2-styryl-1, 4- phenylene vinylene) (PSPV)Park, H; Choi, YunSeok; Park, YW; Park, CK; Jin, JI; Kaiser, G; Roth, SARTICLE934
2015-04-23Upgrade of 2D Mircrowave Imaging Reflectometry (MIR) in KSTARPark, Hyeon Keo; Leem, June-EoK; Lee, Woochang; Lee, Ji Hun; Nam, Yoonbum; Yun, Gunsu; Park, H; Kim, Kang Wook; Domier, CW; Luhmann,Jr, NCCONFERENCE386
Showing results 1 to 18 of 18