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2008-06A synthetic amyloid lawn system for high-throughput analysis of amyloid toxicity and drug screeningGirigoswami, Koyeli; Ku, Sook Hee; Ryu, Jungki; Park, Chan BeumARTICLE742
2009Bio-inspired fabrication of superhydrophobic surfaces through peptide self-assemblyLee, Joon Seok; Ryu, Jungki; Park, Chan BeumARTICLE802
2011-12Bio-inspired strategy for on-surface synthesis of silver nanoparticles for metal/organic hybrid nanomaterials and LDI-MS substratesHong, Seonki; Lee, Joon Seok; Ryu, Jungki; Lee, Sahng Ha; Lee, Dong Yun; Kim, Dong-Pyo; Park, Chan Beum; Lee, HaeshinARTICLE908
2014-09Biocatalytic Photosynthesis with Water as an Electron DonorRyu, Jungki; Nam, Dong Heon; Lee, Sahng Ha; Park, Chan BeumARTICLE1203
2012-11Biocatalyzed Artificial Photosynthesis by Hydrogen-Terminated Silicon NanowiresLee, Hwa Young; Ryu, Jungki; Kim, Jae Hong; Lee, Sahng Ha; Park, Chan BeumARTICLE908
2014-10Biologically inspired pteridine redox centres for rechargeable batteriesHong, Jihyun; Lee, Minah; Lee, Byungju; Seo, Dong-Hwa; Park, Chan Beum; Kang, KisukARTICLE320
2011Bone-like peptide/hydroxyapatite nanocomposites assembled with multi-level hierarchical structuresRyu, Jungki; Ku, Sook Hee; Lee, Minah; Park, Chan BeumARTICLE882
2010-10Carbon nanotube-amorphous FePO4 core-shell nanowires as cathode material for Li ion batteriesKim, Sung-Wook; Ryu, Jungki; Park, Chan Beum; Kang, KisukARTICLE939
2009-10Colloidal Nanoparticles as a Wireless Booster for Electroenzymatic ReactionsLee, Sahng Ha; Won, Keehoon; Song, Hyun-Kon; Park, Chan BeumARTICLE895
2008-02Electrochemical regeneration of NADH enhanced by platinum nanoparticlesSong, Hyun-Kon; Lee, Sahng Ha; Won, Keehoon; Park, Je Hyeong; Kim, Joa Kyum; Lee, Hyuk; Moon, Sang-Jin; Kim, Do Kyung; Park, Chan BeumARTICLE835
2012-07Energy storage in in vivo synthesizable biomineralsKim, Sung-Wook; Park, Kyu-Young; Ryu, Jungki; Ko, Jong Wan; Cho, Woosuk; Kim, Sang-Min; Park, Chan Beum; Kang, KisukARTICLE915
2016-11Enzymatic photosynthesis of formate from carbon dioxide coupled with highly efficient photoelectrochemical regeneration of nicotinamide cofactorsNam, Dong Heon; Kuk, Su Keun; Choe, Hyunjun; Lee, Sumi; Ko, Jong Wan; Son, Eun Jin; Choi, Eun-Gyu; Kim, Yong Hwan; Park, Chan BeumARTICLE901
2015-07-03Enzyme-Coupled Photocatalytic Water Splitting for Green Synthesis of Fine ChemicalsRyu, Jungki; Lee, Sahng Ha; Nam, Dong Heon; Park, Chan Beum; Jeon, DasomCONFERENCE196
2010-03General functionalization route for cell adhesion on non-wetting surfacesKu, Sook Hee; Ryu, Jungki; Hong, Seon Ki; Lee, Haeshin; Park, Chan BeumARTICLE921
2010-02High Stability of Self-Assembled Peptide Nanowires Against Thermal, Chemical, and Proteolytic AttacksRyu, Jungki; Park, Chan BeumARTICLE864
2008-10High-Temperature Self-Assembly of Peptides into Vertically Well-Aligned Nanowires by Aniline VaporRyu, Jungki; Park, Chan BeumARTICLE813
2009-04High-Throughput Analysis of Alzheimer's beta-Amyloid Aggregation Using a Microfluidic Self-Assembly of MonomersfLee, Joon Seok; Ryu, Jungki; Park, Chan BeumARTICLE762
2008-05Influence of multiple metal ions on beta-amyloid aggregation and dissociation on a solid surfaceRyu, Jungki; Girigoswami, Koyeli; Ha, Chanki; Ku, Sook Hee; Park, Chan BeumARTICLE767
2008-04Inhibition of beta-amyloid peptide aggregation and neurotoxicity by alpha-D-mannosylglycerate, a natural extremolyteRyu, Jungki; Kanapathipillai, Mathumai; Lentzen, Georg; Park, Chan BeumARTICLE808
2020-08Lignin-fueled photoelectrochemical platform for light-driven redox biotransformationWang, Ding; Lee, Sahng Ha; Han, Seunghyun; Kim, Jinhyun; Trang, Nguyen Vu Thien; Kim, Kayoung; Choi, Eun-Gyu; Boonmongkolras, Passarut; Lee, Yang Woo; Shin, Byungha; Kim, Yong Hwan; Park, Chan BeumARTICLE451
Showing results 1 to 20 of 38