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2018-08An experimentally-achieved information-driven Brownian motor shows maximum power at the relaxation timeLee, Dong Yun; Um, Jaegon; Paneru, Govind; Pak, Hyuk KyuARTICLE376
2020-09Colloidal engines for innovative tests of information thermodynamicsPaneru, G.; Pak, Hyuk KyuARTICLE66
2020-02Efficiency fluctuations and noise induced refrigerator-to-heater transition in information enginesPaneru, Govind; Dutta, Sandipan; Sagawa, Takahiro; Tlusty, Tsvi; Pak, Hyuk KyuARTICLE95
2020-05Entropy production and fluctuation theorems on complex networksJung, Jaewoo; Um, Jaegon; Lee, Deokjae; Kim, Yong W.; Lee, D. Y.; Pak, Hyuk Kyu; Kahng, B.ARTICLE52
2015-05Investigation of surface charge density on solid-liquid interfaces by modulating the electrical double layerPak, Hyuk Kyu; Moon, Jong Kyun; Song, Myung WonARTICLE922
2018-01Lossless Brownian Information EnginePaneru, Govind; Lee, Dong Yun; Tlusty, Tsvi; Pak, Hyuk KyuARTICLE891
2015-02Nonequilibrium fluctuations for a single-particle analog of gas in a soft wallLee, Dong Yun; Kwon, Chulan; Pak, Hyuk KyuARTICLE904
2018-11Optical tweezers as a mathematically driven spatio-temporal potential generatorAlbay, John A. C.; Paneru, Govind; Pak, Hyuk Kyu; Jun, YonggunARTICLE349
2018-11Optimal tuning of a Brownian information engine operating in a nonequilibrium steady statePaneru, Govind; Lee, Dong Yun; Park, Jong-Min; Park, Jin Tae; Noh, Jae Dong; Pak, Hyuk KyuARTICLE374
2020-09Rapid-prototyping a Brownian particle in an active bathPark, Jin Tae; Paneru, Govind; Kwon, Chulan; Granick, Steve; Pak, Hyuk KyuARTICLE42
2020-09Reaching and violating thermodynamic uncertainty bounds in information enginesPaneru, Govind; Dutta, Sandipan; Tlusty, Tsvi; Pak, Hyuk KyuARTICLE41
2006-10Second Harmonic Generation and Fabrication of Transparent K2O-Na2O-Nb2O5-TeO2 Glass-CeramicsJeong, Euh Duck; Borse, Pramod H; Lee, Jae Sung; Komatsu, Takayuki; Kim, Hyun Gyu; Ha, Myoung Gyu; Pak, Hyuk KyuARTICLE593
2018-07Specific Radius Change of Quantum Dot inside the Lipid Bilayer by Charge Effect of Lipid Head-GroupSung, Soon Ki; Pak, Hyuk Kyu; Kwak, Jong Hyeok; Lee, Sang Weon; Kim, Young Ha; Hur, Beong Ik; Jin, Seong Jin; Kim, Gyeong RipARTICLE248
2006-11Thermal stabilities, physical and optical properties of (KO)-O-2-(NaO)-O-2-(NbO5)-O-2-TeO2 glassesJeong, Euh Duck; Ha, Myoung Gyu; Pak, Hyuk Kyu; Ryu, Bong Ki; Borse, Pramod H.; Lee, Jae Sung; Komatsu, Takayuki; Kim, Hae Jin; Kim, Hyun GyuARTICLE576
Showing results 1 to 14 of 14