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2012-04Carbon-supported ultra-high loading Pt nanoparticle catalyst by controlled overgrowth of Pt: Improvement of Pt utilization leads to enhanced direct methanol fuel cell performanceYou, Dae Jong; Kwon, Kyungjung; Joo, Sang Hoon; Kim, Jin Hoe; Kim, Ji Man; Pak, Chanho; Chang, HyukARTICLE672
2008-06Cathode catalyst layer using supported Pt catalyst on ordered mesoporous carbon for direct methanol fuel cellKim, Hee-Tak; You, Dae Jong; Yoon, Hae-Kwon; Joo, Sang Hoon; Pak, Chanho; Chang, Hyuk; Song, In-SeobARTICLE644
2007Direct sulfonation of ordered mesoporous carbon for catalyst support of direct methanol fuel cellPak, Chanho; Joo, Sang Hoon; You, Dae Jong; Kim, Ji Man; Chang, Hyuk; Seung, DoyoungARTICLE682
2011-04Enhancement of electrochemical stability and catalytic activity of Pt nanoparticles via strong metal-support interaction with sulfur-containing ordered mesoporous carbonKwon, Kyungjung; Jin, Seon-ah; Pak, Chanho; Chang, Hyuk; Joo, Sang Hoon; Lee, Hyung Ik; Kim, Jin Hoe; Kim, Ji ManARTICLE650
2008-06Exfoliated sulfonated poly(arylene ether sulfone)-clay nanocompositesChoi, Yeong Suk; Kim, Tae Kyoung; Kim, Elm Ah; Joo, Sang Hoon; Pak, Chanho; Lee, Yoon Hoi; Chang, Hyuk; Seung, DoyoungARTICLE525
2008-05Functionalized carbon nanotube-poly(arylene sulfone) composite membranes for direct methanol fuel cells with enhanced performanceJoo, Sang Hoon; Pak, Chanho; Kim, Eun Ah; Lee, Yoon Ho; Chang, Hyuk; Seung, Doyoung; Choi, Yeong Suk; Park, Jong-Bong; Kim, Tae KyoungARTICLE614
2012-10High Electrochemical Performance and Stability of Co-Deposited Pd-Au on Phase-Pure Tungsten Carbide for Hydrogen OxidationHam, Dong Jin; Han, Suenghoon; Pak, Chanho; Ji, Sang Min; Jin, Seon-Ah; Chang, Hyuk; Lee, Jae SungARTICLE457
2018-07Impact of Textural Properties of Mesoporous Porphyrinic Carbon Electrocatalysts on Oxygen Reduction Reaction ActivityWoo, Jinwoo; Sa, Young Jin; Kim, Jae Hyung; Lee, Hyun-Wook; Pak, Chanho; Joo, Sang HoonARTICLE440
2013-01Ordered mesoporous carbon-carbon nanotube nanocomposites as highly conductive and durable cathode catalyst supports for polymer electrolyte fuel cellsCheon, Jae Yeong; Ahn, Chiyeong; You, Dae Jong; Pak, Chanho; Hur, Seung Hyun; Kim, Junbom; Joo, Sang HoonARTICLE693
2006-12Ordered mesoporous carbons (OMC) as supports of electrocatalysts for direct methanol fuel cells (DMFC): Effect of carbon precursors of OMC on DMFC performancesJoo, Sang Hoon; Pak, Chanho; You, Dae Jong; Lee, Seol-Ah; Lee, Hyung Ik; Kim, Ji Man; Chang, Hyuk; Seung, DoyoungARTICLE665
2008-12Ordered mesoporous carbons with controlled particle sizes as catalyst supports for direct methanol fuel cell cathodesJoo, Sang Hoon; Lee, Hyung Ik; You, Dae Jong; Kwon, Kyungjung; Kim, Jin Hoe; Choi, Yeong Suk; Kang, Min; Kim, Ji Man; Pak, Chanho; Chang, Hyuk; Seung, DoyoungARTICLE580
2011-05Palladium-nickel alloys loaded on tungsten carbide as platinum-free anode electrocatalysts for polymer electrolyte membrane fuel cellsHam, Dong Jin; Pak, Chanho; Bae, Gang Hong; Han, Suenghoon; Kwon, Kyungjung; Jin, Seon-Ah; Chang, Hyuk; Choi, Sun Hee; Lee, Jae SungARTICLE530
2009-10Preparation of high loading Pt nanoparticles on ordered mesoporous carbon with a controlled Pt size and its effects on oxygen reduction and methanol oxidation reactionsJoo, Sang Hoon; Kwon, Kyungjung; You, Dae Jong; Pak, Chanho; Chang, Hyuk; Kim, Ji ManARTICLE633
2006-09Preparation of ultra high loading supported Pt catalyst for direct methanol fuel cellJoo, Sang Hoon; Lee, Seol-Ah; You, Dae Jong; Pak, Chanho; Chang, Hyuk; Seung, DoyoungARTICLE588
2008-02Rational synthesis pathway for ordered mesoporous carbon with controllable 30- To 100-angstrom poresLee, Hyung Ik; Kim, Jin Hoe; You, Dae Jong; Lee, Ji Eun; Kim, Ji Man; Ahn, Wha-Seung; Pak, Chanho; Joo, Sang Hoon; Chang, Hyuk; Seung, DoyoungARTICLE651
2007Synthesis and characterization of mesoporous carbon for fuel cell applicationsChang, Hyuk; Joo, Sang Hoon; Pak, ChanhoARTICLE679
2009Ultrastable Pt nanoparticles supported on sulfur-containing ordered mesoporous carbon via strong metal-support interactionLee, Hyung Ik; Joo, Sang Hoon; Kim, Jin Hoe; You, Dae Jong; Kim, Ji Man; Park, Jung-Nam; Chang, Hyuk; Pak, ChanhoARTICLE648
Showing results 1 to 17 of 17