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2014-02A truly hyperbolic elastic metamaterial lensOh, Joo Hwan; Seung, Hong Min; Kim, Yoon YoungARTICLE563
2018-09Abnormal Stop Band Behavior Induced by Rotational Resonance in Flexural MetamaterialLee, Sung Won; Oh, Joo HwanARTICLE281
2011-08Active wave-guiding of piezoelectric phononic crystalsOh, Joo Hwan; Lee, Il Kyu; Ma, Pyung Sik; Kim, Yoon YoungARTICLE538
2016-02Adjoining of negative stiffness and negative density bands in an elastic metamaterialOh, Joo Hwan; Seung, Hong Min; Kim, Yoon YoungARTICLE538
2020-06Amplitude-induced bandgap: New type of bandgap for nonlinear elastic metamaterialsBae, Myung Hwan; Oh, Joo HwanARTICLE68
2020-02Detachable metasurface for converting free boundary to virtually fixed boundary (VFB)Oh, Joo Hwan; Lee, Jae-HwaMaster's thesis36
2016-03Dispersion analysis with 45 degrees-rotated augmented supercells and applications in phononic crystal designAhn, Young Kwan; Oh, Joo Hwan; Ma, Pyung Sik; Kim, Yoon YoungARTICLE574
2017-12Doubly negative isotropic elastic metamaterial for sub-wavelength focusing: Design and realizationOh, Joo Hwan; Seung, Hong Min; Kim, Yoon YoungARTICLE544
2017-11Elastic Metamaterial Insulator for Broadband Low-Frequency Flexural Vibration ShieldingOh, Joo Hwan; Qi, Shuibao; Kim, Yoon Young; Assouar, BadreddineARTICLE493
2016-03Elastic metamaterials for independent realization of negativity in density and stiffnessOh, Joo Hwan; Kwon, Young Eui; Lee, Hyung Jin; Kim, Yoon YoungARTICLE580
2020-05Elastic Wave Energy Entrapment for Reflectionless MetasurfaceKim, Min Soo; Lee, Woorim; Il Park, Chung; Oh, Joo HwanARTICLE22
2016-04Extreme stiffness hyperbolic elastic metamaterial for total transmission subwavelength imagingLee, Hyuk; Oh, Joo Hwan; Seung, Hong Min; Cho, Seung Hyun; Kim, Yoon YoungARTICLE713
2012-05Inverted bi-prism phononic crystals for one-sided elastic wave transmission applicationsOh, Joo Hwan; Kim, Hoe Woong; Ma, Pyung Sik; Seung, Hong Min; Kim, Yoon YoungARTICLE573
2015-12Maximization of operating frequency ranges of hyperbolic elastic metamaterials by topology optimizationOh, Joo Hwan; Ahn, Young Kwan; Kim, Yoon YoungARTICLE473
2011-11Mode separation of a single-frequency bi-modal elastic wave pulse by a phononic crystalMa, Pyung Sik; Kim, Hoe Woong; Oh, Joo Hwan; Kim, Yoon YoungARTICLE486
2015-02Multiple beam splitting in elastic phononic crystal platesLee, Hyuk; Oh, Joo Hwan; Kim, Yoon YoungARTICLE424
2013-02One-dimensional broadband phononic crystal filter with unit cells made of two non-uniform impedance-mirrored elementsLee, Il Kyu; Kim, Yoon Jae; Oh, Joo Hwan; Kim, Yoon YoungARTICLE605
2016-09Quasi-static stop band with flexural metamaterial having zero rotational stiffnessOh, Joo Hwan; Assouar, BadreddineARTICLE711
2019-12Seismic phononic crystals by elastodynamic Navier equationLee, Dongwoo; Oh, Joo Hwan; Kang, In Seok; Rho, JunsukARTICLE91
2020-03Single layer elastic metasurface with double negativity for anomalous refractionLee, Sung Won; Oh, Joo HwanARTICLE46
Showing results 1 to 20 of 27