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2023-05A heterozygous mutation in UBE2H in a patient with developmental delay leads to an aberrant brain development in zebrafishShin, Unbeom; Choi, Yeonsong; Ko, Hwa Soo; Myung, Kyungjae; Lee, Semin; Cheon, Chong Kun; Lee, YoonsungARTICLE484
2010-03A Histone-Fold Complex and FANCM Form a Conserved DNA-Remodeling Complex to Maintain Genome StabilityYan, Zhijiang; Delannoy, Mathieu; Ling, Chen; Daee, Danielle; Osman, Fekret; Muniandy, Parameswary A.; Shen, Xi; Oostra, Anneke B.; Du, Hansen; Steltenpool, Jurgen; Lin, Ti; Schuster, Beatrice; Decaillet, Chantal; Stasiak, Andrzej; Stasiak, Alicja Z.; Stone, Stacie; Hoatlin, Maureen E.; Schindler, Detlev; Woodcock, Christopher L.; Joenje, Hans; Sen, Ranjan; de Winter, Johan P.; Li, Lei; Seidman, Michael M.; Whitby, Matthew C.; Myung, Kyungjae; Constantinou, Angelos; Wang, WeidongARTICLE519
2016-07A Novel Chemotherapeutic Agent to Treat Tumors with DNA Mismatch Repair DeficienciesZhang, Yongliang; Fox, Jennifer T.; Park, Young-Un; Elliott, Gene; Rai, Ganesha; Cai, Mengli; Sakamuru, Srilatha; Huang, Ruili; Xia, Menghang; Lee, Kyeryoung; Jeon, Min Ho; Mathew, Bijoy P.; Park, Hee Dong; Edelmann, Winfried; Park, Chan Young; Hong, Sung You; Maloney, David; Myung, KyungjaeARTICLE1521
2015-03A novel role for the mono-ADP-ribosyltransferase PARP14/ATRD8 in promoting homologous recombination and protecting against replication stressNicolae, Claudia M.; Aho, Erin R.; Choe, Katherine N.; Lee, Deokjae; Myung, Kyungjae; Moldovan, George-LucianARTICLE1020
2016-12A palladium and gold catalytic system enables direct access to O- and S-linked non-natural glyco-conjugatesJeon, Min Ho; Mathew, Bijoy P.; Kuram, Malleswara Rao; Myung, Kyungjae; Hong, Sung YouARTICLE1124
2023-09Alkylation of nucleobases by 2-chloro-N,N-diethylethanamine hydrochloride (CDEAH) sensitizes PARP1-deficient tumorsWie, Minwoo; Khim, Keon Woo; Groehler Iv, Arnold S; Heo, Soomin; Woo, Junhyeok; Son, Kook; Lee, Eun A; Ra, Jae Sun; Hong, Sung You; Scharer, Orlando D.; Choi, Jang Hyun; Myung, KyungjaeARTICLE400
2021-04AML poor prognosis factor, TPD52, is associated with the maintenance of haematopoietic stem cells through regulation of cell proliferationKang, Ji Wan; Kim, Youngjoo; Lee, Yoonsung; Myung, Kyungjae; Kim, Yun Hak; Oh, Chang-KyuARTICLE479
2017-04An Annulative Synthetic Strategy for Building Triphenylene Frameworks by Multiple C-H Bond ActivationsMathew, Bijoy P.; Yang, Hyun Ji; Kim, Joohee; Lee, Jae Bin; Kim, Yun-Tae; Lee, Sungmin; Lee, Chang Young; Choe, Wonyoung; Myung, Kyungjae; Park, Jang-Ung; Hong, Sung YouARTICLE1803
2015-01ATAD5 deficiency decreases B-cell division and Igh recombinationZanotti, Kimberly J.; Maul, Robert W.; Yang, William; Choi, Yongjun; Fox, Jennifer; Myung, Kyungjae; Saribasak, Huseyin; Gearhart, Patricia J.ARTICLE970
2019-12ATAD5 promotes replication restart by regulating RAD51 and PCNA in response to replication stressPark, Su Hyung; Kang, Nalae; Song, Eunho; Wie, Minwoo; Lee, Eun A.; Hwang, Sunyoung; Lee, Deokjae; Ra, Jae Sun; Park, In Bae; Park, Jieun; Kang, Sukhyun; Park, Jun Hong; Hohng, Sungchul; Lee, Kyoo-young; Myung, KyungjaeARTICLE862
2013-01ATAD5 regulates the lifespan of DNA replication factories by modulating PCNA level on the chromatinLee, Kyoo-young; Fu, Haiqing; Aladjem, Mirit I.; Myung, KyungjaeARTICLE519
2020-07ATAD5 restricts R-loop formation through PCNA unloading and RNA helicase maintenance at the replication forkKim, Sangin; Kang, Nalae; Park, Su Hyung; Wells, James; Hwang, Taejoo; Ryu, Eunjin; Kim, Byung-gyu; Hwang, Sunyoung; Kim, Seong-jung; Kang, Sukhyun; Lee, Semin; Stirling, Peter; Myung, Kyungjae; Lee, Kyoo-youngARTICLE967
2020-08ATAD5 suppresses centrosome over-duplication by regulating UAF1 and ID1Kim, Seong-jung; Wie, Minwoo; Park, Su Hyung; Kim, Tae Moon; Park, Jun Hong; Kim, Shinseog; Myung, Kyungjae; Lee, Kyoo-youngARTICLE632
2020-09Background-suppressed live visualization of genomic loci with an improved CRISPR system based on a split fluorophoreChaudhary, Narendra; Nho, Si-Hyeong; Cho, Hayoon; Gantumur, Narangerel; Ra, Jae Sun; Myung, Kyungjae; Kim, HajinARTICLE601
2021-11-04Brain tumor patient derived xenograft modelJeong, Hyeongsun; Yun, Seongmin; Moon, Hyo Eun; Paek, Sun Ha; Myung, Kyungjae; Kwon, TaejoonCONFERENCE340
2016-06C-H bond arylation of anilides inside copper-exchanged zeolitesMathew, Bijoy P.; Yang, Hyun Ji; Jeon, Himchan; Lee, Jeong-Hyeon; Kim, Jin Chul; Shin, Tae Joo; Myung, Kyungjae; Kwak, Sang Kyu; Kwak, Jahun; Hong, Sung YouARTICLE1757
2022-02Characterization and targeting molecular mechanisms of PARP1 for genomic integrity and cancer treatmentMyung, Kyungjae; Lee, Seon-gyeongDoctoral thesis2314
2023-02Characterization of Cul4A-dependent homologous recombination protein proteolysis by UNI418 and its derivativeMyung, Kyungjae; Kong, SukyeongMaster's thesis1596
2021-11Characterization of subcellular localization of eukaryotic clamp loader/unloader and its regulatory mechanismPark, Su Hyung; Kim, Seong-jung; Myung, Kyungjae; Lee, Kyoo-youngARTICLE416
2019-06Chemoselective Trifluoroethylation Reactions of Quinazolinones and Identification of PhotostabilityMaiti, Saikat; Kim, Jaeshin; Park, Jae-Heon; Nam, Dongsik; Lee, Jae Bin; Kim, Ye Jin; Kee, Jung-Min; Seo, Jeong Kon; Myung, Kyungjae; Rohde, Jan-Uwe; Choe, Wonyoung; Kwon, Oh Hoon; Hong, Sung YouARTICLE982
Showing results 1 to 20 of 168