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2008-11Blue-emitting poly(2,7-pyrenylene)s: Synthesis and optical propertiesKawano, Shin-ichiro; Yang, Changduk; Ribas, Marcos; Baluschev, Stanislav; Baumgarten, Martin; Muellen, KlausARTICLE747
2007-02Columnar mesophase formation of cyclohexa-m-phenylene-based macrocyclesPisula, Wojciech; Kastler, Marcel; Yang, Changduk; Enkelmann, Volker; Muellen, KlausARTICLE705
2007Conjugated alternating copolymers containing both donor and acceptor moieties in the main chainZhang, Ming; Yang, Changduk; Mishra, Ashok K.; Pisula, Wojciech; Zhou, Gang; Schmaltz, Bruno; Baumgarten, Martin; Muellen, KlausARTICLE816
2007-03Field-effect transistors based on a benzothiadiazole-cyclopentadithiophene copolymerZhang, Ming; Tsao, Hoi Nok; Pisula, Wojciech; Yang, Changduk; Mishra, Ashok K.; Muellen, KlausARTICLE753
2006-08Poly(2,7-phenanthrylene)s and poly(3,6-phenanthrylene)s as polyphenylene and poly(phenylenevinylene) analoguesYang, Changduk; Scheiber, Horst; List, Emil J. W.; Jacob, Josemon; Muellen, KlausARTICLE784
2006-07Polyphenylenes and poly(phenyleneethynylene)s with 9,10-anthrylene subunitsYang, Changduk; Jacob, Josemon; Muellen, KlausARTICLE847
2006-08Synthesis and photochromic properties of ladderized poly (p-phenylene-alt-9,10-anthrylene)sYang, Changduk; Jacob, Josemon; Muellen, KlausARTICLE759
Showing results 1 to 7 of 7