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2013-02Application of bacterial predation to mitigate recombinant bacterial populations and their DNAMonnappa, Ajay Kalanjana; Dwidar, Mohammed; Mitchell, Robert J.ARTICLE832
2011-11-03Application of Toxicogenomics to Bioprocesses: Development of Biosensors for Lignin Hydrolysate Compounds Based Upon Transcriptional AberrationsMitchell, Robert J.; Monnappa, Ajay Kalanjana; Lee, SiseonCONFERENCE68
2012-05Biological activities of lignin hydrolysate-related compoundsLee, Siseon; Monnappa, Ajay Kalanjana; Mitchell, Robert J.ARTICLE918
2013-11Detection of furfural and 5-hydroxymethylfurfural with a yhcN::luxCDABE bioreporter strainMonnappa, Ajay Kalanjana; Lee, Jin Hyung; Mitchell, Robert J.ARTICLE773
2013-04-10Detection of Furfural in Plant Hydrolysates with an E. coli Bioreporter Strain.Mitchell, Robert J.; Monnappa, Ajay Kalanjana; Lee, Jin HyungCONFERENCE68
2017-04-27Evaluation of Cellular Response to Bdellovibrio Bacteriovorus HD100Monnappa, Ajay Kalanjana; Chowdhury, Bari; Choi, Seong Yeol; Mitchell, Robert J.CONFERENCE110
2013-01Sensing of plant hydrolysate-related phenolics with an aaeXAB::luxCDABE bioreporter strain of Escherichia coliMonnappa, Ajay Kalanjana; Lee, Siseon; Mitchell, Robert J.ARTICLE885
2012-02The dual probiotic and antibiotic nature of Bdellovibrio bacteriovorusDwidar, Mohammed; Monnappa, Ajay Kalanjana; Mitchell, Robert J.ARTICLE779
Showing results 1 to 8 of 8