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2009-03A generalized differential constitutive equation for polymer melts based on principles of nonequilibrium thermodynamicsStephanou, Pavlos S.; Baig, Chunggi; Mavrantzas, Vlasis G.ARTICLE1017
2010-01Advanced Monte Carlo Algorithm for the Atomistic Simulation of Short- and Long-Chain Branched Polymers: Implementation for Model H-Shaped, A(3)AA(3) Multiarm (Pom-Pom), and Short-Chain Branched Polyethylene MeltsBaig, Chunggi; Alexiadis, Orestis; Mavrantzas, Vlasis G.ARTICLE913
2010-08Flow Effects on Melt Structure and Entanglement Network of Linear Polymers: Results from a Nonequilibrium Molecular Dynamics Simulation Study of a Polyethylene Melt in Steady ShearBaig, Chunggi; Mavrantzas, Vlasis G.; Kroger, MartinARTICLE888
2010From atomistic trajectories to primitive paths to tube models: linking atomistic simulations with the reptation theory of polymer dynamicsBaig, Chunggi; Mavrantzas, Vlasis G.ARTICLE993
2010-12Melt Structure and Dynamics of Unentangled Polyethylene Rings Rouse Theory, Atomistic Molecular Dynamics Simulation, and Comparison with the Linear AnaloguesTsolou, Georgia; Stratikis, Nikos; Baig, Chunggi; Stephanou, Pavlos S.; Mavrantzas, Vlasis G.ARTICLE894
2009-04Multiscale simulation of polymer melt viscoelasticity: Expanded-ensemble Monte Carlo coupled with atomistic nonequilibrium molecular dynamicsBaig, Chunggi; Mavrantzas, Vlasis G.ARTICLE715
2011-02On Maxwell's Relations of Thermodynamics for Polymeric Liquids away from EquilibriumBaig, Chunggi; Mavrantzas, Vlasis G.; Oettinger, Hans ChristianARTICLE844
2011-01Projection of atomistic simulation data for the dynamics of entangled polymers onto the tube theory: calculation of the segment survival probability function and comparison with modern tube modelsStephanou, Pavlos S.; Baig, Chunggi; Mavrantzas, Vlasis G.ARTICLE993
2010-03Quantifying chain reptation in entangled polymer melts: Topological and dynamical mapping of atomistic simulation results onto the tube modelStephanou, Pavlos S.; Baig, Chunggi; Tsolou, Georgia; Mavrantzas, Vlasis G.; Kroeger, MartinARTICLE981
2021-09Special Issue on "Monte Carlo Simulation of Soft Matter Systems" EDITORIALMavrantzas, Vlasis G.; Peristeras, Loukas D.; Baig, ChunggiARTICLE126
2010-01Tension thickening, molecular shape, and flow birefringence of an H-shaped polymer melt in steady shear and planar extensionBaig, Chunggi; Mavrantzas, Vlasis G.ARTICLE754
2011-09Toward an Improved Description of Constraint Release and Contour Length Fluctuations in Tube Models for Entangled Polymer Melts Guided by Atomistic SimulationsStephanou, Pavlos S.; Baig, Chunggi; Mavrantzas, Vlasis G.ARTICLE906
2010-10Understanding Dynamics in Binary Mixtures of Entangled cis-1,4-Polybutadiene Melts at the Level of Primitive Path Segments by Mapping Atomistic Simulation Data onto the Tube ModelBaig, Chunggi; Stephanou, Pavlos S.; Tsolou, Georgia; Mavrantzas, Vlasis G.; Kroeger, MartinARTICLE846
Showing results 1 to 13 of 13