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1997-04Evidence of complex ionic motion in xLi(2)S+(1-x)B2S3 glassy fast ionic conductors from Li-7 and B-11 NMR and ionic conductivity measurementsKim, KH; Torgeson, DR; Borsa, F; Cho, Jaephil; Martin, SW; Svare, I; Majer, GARTICLE1150
2005-12Glass formation in and structural investigation of Li2S+GeS2+GeO2 composition using Raman and IR spectroscopyKim, Youngsik; Saienga, J; Martin, SWARTICLE1130
2002-03Infrared spectroscopy of glasses and polycrystals in the series xCs(2)S+(1-x)B2S3Cho, Jaephil; Martin, SWARTICLE933
2005-08Preparation and characterization of germanium oxy-sulfide GeS2-GeO2 glassesKim, Youngsik; Saienga, J; Martin, SWARTICLE1002
2005-04Preparation and characterization of glasses in the LiI+Li2S+GeS2+Ga2S3 systemSaienga, J; Kim, Youngsik; Campbell, B; Martin, SWARTICLE1028
1997-04Quantitative study of the short range order in B2O3 and B2S3 by MAS and two-dimensional triple-quantum MAS B-11 NMRHwang, SJ; Fernandez, C; Amoureux, JP; Cho, Jaephil; Martin, SW; Pruski, MARTICLE1088
2001-02Raman spectroscopy studies of xNa(2)S+(1-X)B2S3 glasses and polycrystalsRoyle, M; Cho, Jaephil; Martin, SWARTICLE956
2000-05Static B-11 NMR studies of the short range order in alkali metal modified B2S3 glassesCho, Jaephil; Martin, SW; Meyer, B; Kim, KH; Torgeson, DRARTICLE1031
1998-07Structural study of xNa(2)S+(1-x)B2S3 glasses and polycrystals by multiple-quantum MAS NMR of B-11 and Na-23Hwang, SJ; Fernandez, C; Amoureux, JP; Han, JW; Cho, Jaephil; Martin, SW; Pruski, MARTICLE1070
2004-05Synthesis and crystal structure of barium thioborate Ba-7(BS3)(4)SKim, Youngsik; Martin, SWARTICLE871
2005-04Synthesis of the thioborate crystal ZnxBa2B2S5+x (X not approximate to 0.2) for second order nonlinear optical applicationsKim, Youngsik; Martin, SW; Ok, KM; Halasyamani, PSARTICLE986
Showing results 1 to 11 of 11