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2018-05A highly sensitive gas-sensing platform based on a metal-oxide nanowire forest grown on a suspended carbon nanowire fabricated at a wafer levelLim, Yeongjin; Kim, Soosung; Kwon, Yeong Min; Baik, Jeong Min; Shin, HeungjooARTICLE812
2018-03A Three-Step Resolution-Reconfigurable Hazardous Multi-Gas Sensor Interface for Wireless Air-Quality Monitoring ApplicationsChoi, Subin; Park, Kyeonghwan; Lee, Seungwook; Lim, Yeongjin; Oh, Byungjoo; Chae, Hee Young; Park, Chan Sam; Shin, Heungjoo; Kim, Jae JoonARTICLE820
2020-03An Energy-Efficient Multi-Mode Multi-Channel Gas-Sensor System with Learning-Based Optimization and Self-Calibration SchemesPark, Kyeonghwan; Choi, Subin; Chae, Hee Young; Park, Chan Sam; Lee, Seungwook; Lim, Yeongjin; Shin, Heungjoo; Kim, Jae JoonARTICLE318
2018-05Effects of hole patterns on surface temperature distributions in pool boilingSeo, Han; Lim, Yeongjin; Shin, Heungjoo; Bang, In CheolARTICLE818
2014-03Fabrication and application of a stacked carbon electrode set including a suspended mesh made of nanowires and a substrate-bound planar electrode toward for an electrochemical/biosensor platformLim, Yeongjin; Heo, Jeong-Il; Shin, HeungjooARTICLE832
2015-08Glucose sensor based on redox-cycling between selectively modified and unmodified combs of carbon interdigitated array nanoelectrodesSharma, Deepti; Lim, Yeongjin; Lee, Yunjeong; Shin, HeungjooARTICLE625
2015-04Highly sensitive hydrogen gas sensor based on a suspended palladium/carbon nanowire fabricated via batch microfabrication processesLim, Yeongjin; Lee, Yunjeong; Heo, Jeong-Il; Shin, HeungjooARTICLE828
2017-04Increase in graphitization and electrical conductivity of glassy carbon nanowires by rapid thermal annealingLim, Yeongjin; Chu, Jae-Hwan; Lee, Do Hee; Kwon, Soon-Yong; Shin, HeungjooARTICLE988
2016-06Mixed-scale channel networks including Kingfisher-beak-shaped 3D microfunnels for efficient single particle entrapmentLee, Yunjeong; Lim, Yeongjin; Shin, HeungjooARTICLE844
2013-11Monolithic carbon structures including suspended single nanowires and nanomeshes as a sensor platformLim, Yeongjin; Heo, Jeong-Il; Madou, Mark; Shin, HeungjooARTICLE650
2018-08Redox cycling effect at microchannel-integrated sandwich electrodes consisting of a suspended mesh and a substrate-bound planar electrodeLee, Jongmin; Sharma, Deepti; Lim, Yeongjin; Shin, HeungjooARTICLE574
2017-08Self-heating hydrogen gas sensor based on an array of single suspended carbon nanowires functionalized with palladium nanoparticlesSeo, Junyoung; Lim, Yeongjin; Shin, HeungjooARTICLE669
2018-08Suspended 1D metal oxide nanostructure-based gas sensorShin, Heungjoo; Lim, YeongjinDoctoral thesis373
2013-11The effect of channel height and electrode aspect ratio on redox cycling at carbon interdigitated array nanoelectrodes confined in a microchannelHeo, Jeong Il; Lim, Yeongjin; Shin, HeungjooARTICLE770
Showing results 1 to 14 of 14