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2014-02A Contents Analysis of the trends in vision research focused on visual search, eye movement and eye trackRhie, Ye Lim; Lim, Ji Hyoun; Yun, Myung HwanARTICLE802
2015-12-06A mathematical model to determine the optimal size of a product line from the perspective of manufacturing companiesPark, Jungju; Lim, Ji Hyoun; Mo, JeonghoonCONFERENCE150
2012-12A review of haptic perception: focused on sensation and applicationSong, Joobong; Lim, Ji Hyoun; Yun, Myung HwanARTICLE731
2011-08A study on the effect of pre-cue in simple reactions of control-on-display interfaceLim, Ji Hyoun; Choi, Junyoung; Kim, YoungsuARTICLE751
2016-05Analysis of Consumer Value Using Semantic Network:The Comparison of Hierarchical and Non-Hierarchical Value StructuresKim, Gawon; Lim, Ji Hyoun; Yun, MyungHwanARTICLE702
2013-04Analysis of users’ semantic network model for gesture interactionLim, Ji Hyoun; Kim, JyungdohARTICLE853
2012-08Analysis on user variability in gesture interactionLim, Ji Hyoun; Jo, Chun Ik; Kim, Dae-HoonARTICLE652
2015-01Assessment model for driver perceived visual complexitySol Hee Yoon; Lim, Ji Hyoun; Yong Gu JiARTICLE883
2012-04Comparing elder users’ interaction behavior to the younger: focusing on tap, move and flick tasks on a mobile touchscreen deviceLim, Ji Hyoun; Ryu, TaebeumARTICLE780
2015-10-26Development of an UX assessment model based on network analysisRhie, Ye Lim; Lim, Ji Hyoun; Yun, Myung HwanCONFERENCE122
2014-03Effects of visual stimulus on response behavior of control-on-display interfaceLim, Ji Hyoun; Taebeum Ryu; Youngsu KimARTICLE664
2015-04-23Enclathration of CO2 as a Co-guest in sH Hydrates Formed from the CO2 + N2 + Methylcyclopentane MixturesLim, Ji Hyoun; Lee, Donghyung; Lee, Yohan; Seo, YongwonCONFERENCE151
2016-09Finding the latent semantics of haptic interaction research: a systematic literature review of haptic interaction using content analysis and network analysisSong, Joo Bong; Lim, Ji Hyoun; Yun, MyungHwanARTICLE748
2015-10-22Hydrate Phase Equilibria and Structure Identification of the CH4 + CO2 + Thermodynamic Hydrate Promoter Systems for Application to CO2 Capture from Natural GasLim, Ji Hyoun; Seo, Yongwon; Kang, SungpilCONFERENCE165
2010-09Investigation of driver performance with night vision and pedestrian detection systems, Part 1: Empirical study on visual cluster and search behaviorLim, Ji Hyoun; Tsimhoni, Omer; Liu, YiliARTICLE689
2010-12Investigation of driver performance with night vision and pedestrian detection systems, Part 2: Queueing network performance modelingLim, Ji Hyoun; Omer Tsimhoni; Yili, LiuARTICLE807
2015-12Perceived Visual Complexity and Visual Search Performance of Automotive Instrument Cluster: A Quantitative Measurement StudyYoon, Sol Hee; Lim, Ji Hyoun; Ji, Yong GuARTICLE1006
2013Performance comparison between the preferred right and preferred left hands in text entry using Qwerty touch keyboard smartphonesTaebeum Ryu; Lim, Ji Hyoun; Joobong Song; Myung Hwan Yun; Noonsoo ShinARTICLE772
2009-07Reinforcement learning in eye movement: Modeling the influences of top-down and bottom-up processesLim, Ji Hyoun; Yili LiuARTICLE736
2012-10Relationship of musculoskeletal disorder symptoms and percieved workload among hospital workersRyu, Taebeum; Song, Joobong; Yun, Myung Hwan; Lim, Ji HyounARTICLE659
Showing results 1 to 20 of 24