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2019-09A Simple Approach to Prepare Chlorinated Polymer Donors with Low-Lying HOMO Level for High Performance Polymer Solar CellsQiu, Beibei; Chen, Shanshan; Li, Hongneng; Luo, Zhenghui; Yao, Jia; Sun, Chenkai; Li, Xiaojun; Xue, Lingwei; Zhang, Zhi-Guo; Yang, Changduk; Li, YongfangARTICLE313
2017-10Constructing a Strongly Absorbing Low-Bandgap Polymer Acceptor for High-Performance All-Polymer Solar CellsZhang, Zhi-Guo; Yang, Yankang; Yao, Jia; Xue, Lingwei; Chen, Shanshan; Li, Xiaojun; Morrison, William; Yang, Changduk; Li, YongfangARTICLE523
2018-09Effects of Alkoxy and Fluorine Atom Substitution of Donor Molecules on the Morphology and Photovoltaic Performance of All Small Molecule Organic Solar CellsQiu, Beibei; Chen, Shanshan; Xue, Lingwei; Sun, Chenkai; Li, Xiaojun; Zhang, Zhi-Guo; Yang, Changduk; Li, YongfangARTICLE455
2019-12Enhanced performance of ternary organic solar cells with a wide bandgap acceptor as the third componentHuang, He; Li, Xiaojun; Chen, Shanshan; Qiu, Beibei; Du, Jiaqi; Meng, Lei; Zhang, Zhanjun; Yang, Changduk; Li, YongfangARTICLE204
2021-03High electron mobility fluorinated indacenodithiophene small molecule acceptors for organic solar cellsPan, Fei; Li, Xiaojun; Bai, Song; Liu, Tianhao; Wei, Xian; Li, Yingfen; Chen, Shanshan; Yang, Changduk; Chen, Xiwen; Lv, Menglan; Li, YongfangARTICLE31
Showing results 1 to 5 of 5