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2021-06Determining the Criticality of Li-Excess for Disordered-Rocksalt Li-Ion Battery CathodesLee, Jinhyuk; Wang, Chao; Malik, Rahul; Dong, Yanhao; Huang, Yimeng; Seo, Dong-Hwa; Li, JuARTICLE473
2023-05Eutectic salt-assisted planetary centrifugal deagglomeration for single-crystalline cathode synthesisYoon, Moonsu; Dong, Yanhao; Huang, Yimeng; Wang, Baoming; Kim, Junghwa; Park, Jin-Sung; Hwang, Jaeseong; Park, Jaehyun; Kang, Seok Ju; Cho, Jaephil; Li, JuARTICLE519
2009-06In situ observation of graphene sublimation and multi-layer edge reconstructionsHuang, Jian Yu; Ding, Feng; Yakobson, Boris I.; Lu, Ping; Qi, Liang; Li, JuARTICLE461
2017-06Low-Temperature Carbon Coating of Nanosized Li1.015Al0.06Mn1.925O4 and High-Density Electrode for High-Power Li-Ion BatteriesLee. Min-Joon; Lho, Eunsol; Bai, Peng; Chae, Sujong; Li, Ju; Cho, JaephilARTICLE1273
2021-04Reactive boride infusion stabilizes Ni-rich cathodes for lithium-ion batteriesYoon, Moonsu; Dong, Yanhao; Hwang, Jaeseong; Sung, Jaekyung; Cha, Hyungyeon; Ahn, Kihong; Huang, Yimeng; Kang, Seok Ju; Li, Ju; Cho, JaephilARTICLE595
2023-02Synthesis of atomically thin sheets by the intercalation-based exfoliation of layered materialsYang, Ruijie; Fan, Yingying; Mei, Liang; Shin, Hyeon Suk; Voiry, Damien; Lu, Qingye; Li, Ju; Zeng, ZhiyuanARTICLE22
2020-02Unveiling Nickel Chemistry in Stabilizing High-Voltage Cobalt-Rich Cathodes for Lithium-Ion BatteriesYoon, Moonsu; Dong, Yanhao; Yoo, Youngbin; Myeong, Seungjun; Hwang, Jaeseong; Kim, Junhyeok; Choi, Seong-Hyeon; Sung, Jaekyung; Kang, Seok Ju; Li, Ju; Cho, JaephilARTICLE873
Showing results 1 to 7 of 7