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Kwon, YoungkookLee, HyejinLee, Jaeyoung

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Lee, Hyejin

Thesis Issue Date2020-02 View10

Park, Heon-JoonLee, HyejinKim, Byungmin

Article Issue Date2022-01 View9

Lee, HyejinPark, Heon-JoonKim, Byungmin

Article Issue Date2020-11 View6

Kang, SinhangKim, ByungminBae, SungjinLee, HyejinKim, Mirae

Article Issue Date2019-08 View5

Lee, Hyejin

Thesis Issue Date2023-08 View14

Choi, Seung-HoonHyun, Tae-SeonLee, HyejinJang, Sung-YeonOh, Seong-GeunKim, Il-Doo

Article Issue Date2010-03 View3

Lee, HyejinLee, HongshinLee, Changha

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