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2020-102D Transition Metal Dichalcogenide Heterostructures for p- and n-Type Photovoltaic Self-Powered Gas SensorKim, Youngjun; Lee, Sangyoon; Song, Jeong-Gyu; Ko, Kyung Yong; Woo, Whang Je; Lee, Suk Woo; Park, Minwoo; Lee, Hoonkyung; Lee, Zonghoon; Choi, Hyunyong; Kim, Woo-Hee; Park, Jusang; Kim, HyungjunARTICLE33
2006-02A comparison of the corrosion behavior of nanocrystalline and conventional Al 5083 samplesKus, E; Lee, Zonghoon; Nutt, S; Mansfeld, FARTICLE754
2015-08A Facile Route for Patterned Growth of MetalInsulator Carbon Lateral Junction through One-Pot SynthesisKim, Kwang S.; Park, Beomjin; Park, Jaesung; Hong, Byung Hee; Kim, Jin Kon; Han, Sang Woo; Ahn, Jong Hyun; Lee, Zonghoon; Hwang, Chanyong; Novoselov, Konstantin S; Lee, Tae Geol; Hyun, Seung; Mishchenko, Artem; Seoung Ki Lee; Huh, Sung; Jeon, Gumhye; Byun, Jinseok; Chae, Dong Hun; Park, Hyo Ju; Yu, Seong Uk; Kim, Yong Jin; Son, Jin GyeongARTICLE800
2017-01A high-performance transparent graphene/vertically aligned carbon nanotube (VACNT) hybrid electrode for neural interfacingJeong, Du Won; Kim, Gook Hwa; Kim, Na Yeon; Lee, Zonghoon; Jung, Sang Don; Lee, Jeong-O.ARTICLE539
2019-09A novel specimen preparation of porous cathode materials in lithium-ion batteries for high-resolution transmission electron microscopyKim, Na Yeon; Yim, Taeeun; Lee, ZonghoonARTICLE314
2005-09A tri-modal aluminum based composite with super-high strengthYe, J; Han, BQ; Lee, Zonghoon; Ahn, B; Nutt, SR; Schoenung, JMARTICLE653
2007-09Active Pixel Sensors for electron microscopyDenes, P.; Bussat, J.-M.; Lee, Zonghoon; Radmillovic, V.ARTICLE663
2003-08Al-Mg alloy engineered with bimodal grain size for high strength and increased ductilityWitkin, D; Lee, Zonghoon; Rodriguez, R; Nutt, S; Lavernia, EARTICLE918
2014-08-07An Improved Specimen Preparation of Porous Powder Materials for Transmission Electron MicroscopyLee, Zonghoon; Kim, Yeon Na; Ryu, Gyeong Hee; Park, Hyo JuCONFERENCE45
2015-05-21Analysis on the Weld Joint of Steel Plate by laser-arc Hybrid WeldingLee, Zonghoon; Son, SeongwooCONFERENCE30
2016-04-14Analyzing the crystalline structures of oriented hBN using transmission electron microscopyPark, Hyo Ju; Ryu, Gyeong Hee; Tay, Roland Yingjie; Teo, Edwin Hang Tong; Ruoff, Rodney S.; Lee, ZonghoonCONFERENCE36
2015-10Anomalous polarization dependence of Raman scattering and crystallographic orientation of black phosphorusKim, Jungcheol; Lee, Jae-Ung; Lee, Jinhwan; Park, Hyo Ju; Lee, Zonghoon; Lee, Changgu; Cheong, HyeonsikARTICLE626
2015-11-02Anomalous polarization dependence of Raman scattering and crystallographic orientation of black phosphorus (invited talk)Lee, Zonghoon; Kim, Jungcheol; Lee, Jae-Ung; Lee, Jinhwan; Park, Hyo Ju; Lee, Changgu; Cheong, HyeonsikCONFERENCE31
2020-08Antiphase Boundaries as Faceted Metallic Wires in 2D Transition Metal DichalcogenidesKim, Jung Hwa; Kim, Se-Yang; Park, Sung O.; Jung, Gwan Yeong; Song, Seunguk; Sohn, Ahrum; Kim, Sang-Woo; Kwak, Sang Kyu; Kwon, Soon-Yong; Lee, ZonghoonARTICLE144
2017-11-11Applied Microscopy: Building Up A Scientific Journal from Asia (Plenary Lecture)Lee, ZonghoonCONFERENCE27
2012-12Atomic Resolution Imaging of Rotated Bilayer Graphene Sheets Using a Low kV Aberration-corrected Transmission Electron MicroscopeRyu, Gyeong Hee; Park, Hyo Ju; Kim, Na Yeon; Lee, ZonghoonARTICLE726
2017-01Atomic Scale Study on Growth and Heteroepitaxy of ZnO Monolayer on GrapheneHong, Hyo-Ki; Jo, Junhyeon; Hwang, Daeyeon; Lee, Jongyeong; Kim, Na Yeon; Son, Seungwoo; Kim, Jung Hwa; Jin, Mi-Jin; Jun, Young Chul; Erni, Rolf; Kwak, Sang Kyu; Yoo, Jung-Woo; Lee, ZonghoonARTICLE981
2017-05-09Atomic Scale Study on Growth and Heteroepitaxy of ZnO Monolayer on GrapheneHong, HK; Lee, J; Kim, NY; Son, S; Kim, JH; Erni, R; Lee, ZonghoonCONFERENCE41
2017-11-09Atomic scale study on growth and heteroepitaxy of ZnO monolayer on grapheneHong, Hyo-Ki; Lee, J; Kim, NY; Son, S; Kim, JH; Lee, ZonghoonCONFERENCE42
2011-03Atomic structural variations of [0 0 0 1]-tilt grain boundaries during ZnO grain growth occurred by thermal treatmentsYuk, J. M; Lee, J. Y; Lee, Zonghoon; No, Y. S; Kim, T. W; Kim, J. Y; Choi, W. KARTICLE632
Showing results 1 to 20 of 281