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2014-05Assessment of surface-local strains from remnant microindents on a Zr-based metallic glassLee, Yun-Hee; Kim, Yongil; Kim, Young-Cheon; Kim, Ju-Young; Jang, Jae-ilARTICLE1074
2015-03Calibration of Nanoindentation Systems Based on the Reference Hardness of a Fused SilicaLee, Yun-Hee; Ahn, Seung-min; Kim, Ju-Young; Park, Chan-Pyung; Jane, Hee-KwangARTICLE1283
2012-02Correlation between the plastic strain and the plastic pileup of the instrumented indentation by utilizing the interrupted tensile testKang, Seung-Kyun; Kim, Jong-Heon; Lee, Yun-Hee; Kim, Ju-Young; Kwon, DongilARTICLE883
2012-03Determining effective radius and frame compliance in spherical nanoindentationKang, Seung-Kyun; Kim, Young-Cheon; Lee, Yun-Hee; Kim, Ju-Young; Kwon, DongilARTICLE882
2007-06Effects of rough surface on contact depth for instrumented microindentation using spherical lndenterKim, Ju-Young; Lee, Jung-Jun; Lee, Yun-Hee; Jang, Jae-Il; Kwon, DongilARTICLE718
2007-06Influence of surface-roughness on indentation size effectKim, Ju-Young; Kang, Seung-Kyun; Lee, Jung-Jun; Jang, Jae-il; Lee, Yun-Hee; Kwon, DongilARTICLE848
2007-10Multiaxial deformation characteristic of a Zr-based bull metallic glass: Variations of the plastic constraint factor underneath a spherical indenterLee, Yun-Hee; Kim, Ju-Young; Baek, Un-Bong; Nahm, Seung-HoonARTICLE700
2007-10Stress characterization of surface damages on soda-lime glass using a nanocontact deformation methodLee, Yun-Hee; Kim, Ju-Young; Baek, Unbong; Nahm, Seung-HoonARTICLE716
2006-12Surface roughness effect in instrumented indentation: A simple contact depth model and its verificationKim, Ju-Young; Lee, Jung-Jun; Lee, Yun-Hee; Jang, Jae-il; Kwon, DongilARTICLE804
2006Yield property characterization for Au and TiN thin films by applying nanoindentation techniqueLee, Yun-Hee; Huh, Yong-Hak; Kim, Ju-Young; Nahm, Seung-Hoon; Jang, Jae-il; Kwon, DongilARTICLE826
2006-10나노압입 유기된 소성변형역 크기 측정에 기반한 박막소재의 항복강도 평가Lee, Yun-Hee; Kim, Ju-Young; Huh, Young-hak; Nahm, Seung-hoon; Kwon, Dong-ilARTICLE1222
2003나노압입시험을 이용한 마이크로/나노 소재의 물성 특성화 및 응용Kim, Ju-Young; Lee, Yun-Hee; Jang, Jaeil; Kwon, DongilARTICLE753
2006-07나노압흔의 3차원 형상분석을 통한 압입경도의 정밀측정Lee, Yun-Hee; Kim, Ju-Young; Kim, Yongil; Nahm, Seunghoon; Kwon, DongilARTICLE1037
2005-08무딘 첨단의 Berkovich 압입자를 이용하는 나노압입시험에 의한 압입깊이의존 경도 특성화Kim, Ju-Young; Kim, Mincheol; Lee, Yun-Hee; Kim, Jaehyeon; Kwon, DongilARTICLE773
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