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2017-08-09A Bayesian approach in deriving Paris law parameters from S-N curve dataRamachandra Prabhu, Sreehari; Lee, Young-JooCONFERENCE104
2020-02A comprehensive approach to flow-based seismic risk analysis of water transmission networkYoon, Sungsik; Lee, Young-Joo; Jung, Hyung-JoARTICLE191
2018-10A comprehensive framework for seismic risk assessment of urban water transmission networksYoon, Sungsik; Lee, Young-Joo; Jung, Hyung-JoARTICLE558
2019-02A new Bayesian approach to derive Paris' law parameters from S-N curve dataPrabhu, Sreehari Ramachandra; Lee, Young-Joo; Park, Yeun ChulARTICLE210
2020-08-27A new computational platform of structural reliability analysis developed by coupling FERUM and OpenSeesKim, Minsun; Lee, Young-JooCONFERENCE61
2019-09-25A new hybrid method for seismic fragility analysis of reinforced concrete buildingsLee, Sangmok; Lee, Young-Joo; Moon, Do-SooCONFERENCE169
2016-01A new methodology development for flood fragility curve derivation considering structural deterioration for bridgesLee, Jaebeom; Lee, Young-Joo; Kim, Hyunjun; Sim, Sung-Han; Kim, Jin-ManARTICLE782
2019-08A New Probabilistic Framework for Structural System Fragility and Sensitivity Analysis of Concrete Gravity DamsLee, Jaebeom; Lee, Young-Joo; Sim, Sung-Han; Cho, SoojinARTICLE529
2020-08Accelerated Monte Carlo analysis of flow-based system reliability through artificial neural network-based surrogate modelsYoon, Sungsik; Lee, Young-Joo; Jung, Hyung-JoARTICLE241
2020-09Accelerated System-Level Seismic Risk Assessment of Bridge Transportation Networks through Artificial Neural Network-Based Surrogate ModelYoon, Sungsik; Kim, Jeongseob; Kim, Minsun; Tak, Hye-Young; Lee, Young-JooARTICLE142
2021-04Analysis of Macroscopic Traffic Network Impacted by Structural Damage to Bridges from EarthquakesCho, Joongmin; Lee, Young-Joo; Lee, Seongkwan Mark; Song, Ki Han; Suh, WonhoARTICLE58
2019-10Automated Real-Time Assessment of Stay-Cable Serviceability Using Smart SensorsJeong, Seunghoo; Lee, Young-Joo; Shin, Do Hyoung; Sim, Sung-HanARTICLE349
2019-10-25Bayesian prediction of deflection based on measurement data for cable-stayed bridgesLee, Jaebeom; Lee, Young-JooCONFERENCE107
2019-11Bayesian Prediction of Pre-Stressed Concrete Bridge Deflection Using Finite Element AnalysisLee, Jaebeom; Lee, Kyoung-Chan; Sim, Sung-Han; Lee, Junhwa; Lee, Young-JooARTICLE372
2021Building damage caused by the 2017 M5.4 Pohang, South Korea, earthquake, and effects of ground conditionsKim, Byungmin; Ji, Yumin; Kim, Mirae; Lee, Young-Joo; Kang, Hyeonggu; Yun, Nu-Ri; Kim, Hyewon; Lee, JunghanARTICLE260
2019-09-04Camera motion-free computer vision-based displacement measurementLee, Junhwa; Lee, Kyoung-Chan; Lee, Young-Joo; Sim, Sung-HanCONFERENCE134
2020-11-10Camera motion-induced error compensation for computer vision-based displacement measurementLee, Junhwa; Lee, Kyoung-Chan; Lee, Young-Joo; Sim, Sung-HanCONFERENCE122
2020-08-24Cohesive element를 활용한 균열진전 파괴확률 평가Lee, Young-JooCONFERENCE68
2017-03Computer-Aided Analysis of Flow in Water Pipe Networks after a Seismic EventKang, Won-Hee; Lee, Young-Joo; Zhang, ChunweiARTICLE693
2014-07-04Computer-aided probabilistic flow analysis of water pipe networks under earthquake eventsKang, Won-Hee; Lee, Young-JooCONFERENCE71
Showing results 1 to 20 of 94