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2016-03Alcohol Dimer is Requisite to Form an Alkyl Oxonium Ion in the Proton Transfer of a Strong (Photo)Acid to AlcoholPark, Sun-Young; Lee, Young Min; Kwak, Kijeong; Jung, Yousung; Kwon, Oh-HoonARTICLE599
2015-06-30Bimodal Reactivity of a Cationic Super Photoacid in Proton Transfer to AlcoholLee, Young Min; Kwon, Oh HoonCONFERENCE10
2015-08-13Hydrogen-Bonded Homo- and Hetero-Clusters as an Effective Broensted Bases in the Proton Dissociation of a Cationic Super PhotoacidLee, Young Min; Kwon, Oh HoonCONFERENCE8
2016-01Origin of ultraweak fluorescence of 8-hydroxyquinoline in water: photoinduced ultrafast proton transferPark, Sun-Young; Ghosh, Prasun; Park, Sung O.; Lee, Young Min; Kwak, Sang Kyu; Kwon, Oh HoonARTICLE810
2016-06Photoinduced strong acid-weak base reactions in a polar aprotic solventLee, Young Min; Park, Sun-Young; Kim, Heesu; Kim, Taeg Gyum; Kwon, Oh HoonARTICLE446
2016-07-11Proton Transfer of a Strong (Photo)Acid to Alcohol Base in a Polar Aprotic SolventLee, Young Min; Park, Sun Young; Kwon, Oh HoonCONFERENCE10
2015-08-13Reactivity of Terminal Diols as Broensted Base: the Role of Intramolecular Hydrogen BondsGhosh, Prasun; Lee, Young Min; Kwon, Oh HoonCONFERENCE8
2017-12Synergistic Configuration of Diols as Brønsted BasesKim, Ye‐Jin; Rakshit, Surajit; Jin, Geun Young; Ghosh, Prasun; Lee, Young Min; Park, Won‐Woo; Kim, Yung Sam; Kwon, Oh HoonARTICLE559
2016-09The critical size of hydrogen-bonded alcohol clusters as effective Brønsted bases in solutionsPark, Sun-Young; Kim, Taeg Gyum; Ajitha, Manjaly J.; Kwac, Kijeong; Lee, Young Min; Kim, Heesu; Jung, Yousung; Kwon, Oh HoonARTICLE456
2017-10Tunable photoluminescence across the visible spectrum and photocatalytic activity of mixed-valence rhenium oxide nanoparticlesJeong, Yong-Kwang; Lee, Young Min; Yun, Jeonghun; Mazur, Tomasz; Kim, Minju; Kim, Young Jae; Dygas, Miroslaw; Choi, Sun Hee; Kim, Kwang S.; Kwon, Oh Hoon; Yoon, Seok Min; Grzybowski, Bartosz A.ARTICLE532
2017-07Ultrafast Electron Microscopy Integrated with a Direct Electron Detection CameraLee, Young Min; Kim, Young Jae; Kim Ye-Jin; Kwon, Oh HoonARTICLE843
Showing results 1 to 11 of 11