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2023-07A flexible and scalable Li-ion conducting film using a sacrificial template for high-voltage all-solid-state batteriesKim, Hyun Woo; Kim, Jongwoo; Kim, Dowan; Kim, Youngsik; Lee, Wang-GeunARTICLE170
2017-02A hybrid-type Li-air battery based on a polypyrrole/carbon nanocomposite catalyst as the cathodeKim, Kyoungho; Lee, Wang-GeunARTICLE574
2015-09Activated carbon derived from waste coffee grounds for stable methane storageKemp, K. Christian; Baek, Seung Bin; Lee, Wang-Geun; Meyyappan, M.; Kim, Kwang S.ARTICLE1149
2022-06Development of Prismatic Cells for Rechargeable Seawater BatteriesKim, Youngjin; Shin, Kwangho; Jung, Youngjae; Lee, Wang-Geun; Kim, YoungsikARTICLE315
2022-04Development of Rechargeable Seawater Battery ModuleKim, Dongyeop; Park, Jeong-Sun; Lee, Wang-Geun; Choi, Yunseok; Kim, YoungsikARTICLE443
2018-08Efficient separation of C-2 hydrocarbons in a permanently porous hydrogen-bonded organic frameworkYoon, Tae-Ung; Baek, Seung Bin; Kim, Dongwook; Kim, Eun-Jung; Lee, Wang-Geun; Singh, Bhupendra Kumar; Lah, Myoung Soo; Bae, Youn-Sang; Kim, Kwang S.ARTICLE892
2023-09Gradient Lithium Metal Infusion in Ag-Decorated Carbon Fibers for High-Capacity Lithium Metal Battery AnodesBaek, Kyungeun; Lee, Wang-Geun; Im, Eunmi; Ha, Jee Ho; Ahn, Seokhoon; Kim, Youngsik; Choi, Yeonsik; Kang, Seok JuARTICLE98
2016-02Hemoglobin-carbon nanotube derived noble-metal-free Fe 5 C 2-based catalyst for highly efficient oxygen reduction reactionVij, Varun; Lee, Wang-Geun; Yoon, Taeseung; Tiwari, Jitendra N.; Kim, Kwang S.ARTICLE1083
2017-10Nickel-Based Electrocatalysts for Energy-Related Applications: Oxygen Reduction, Oxygen Evolution, and Hydrogen Evolution ReactionsVij, Varun; Sultan, Siraj; Harzandi, Ahmad M.; Meena, Abhishek; Tiwari, Jitendra N.; Lee, Wang-Geun; Yoon, Taeseung; Kim, Kwang S.ARTICLE1317
2017-09Preparation and evaluation of mesoporous carbon derived from waste materials for hybrid-type Li-air batteriesKim, Kyoungho; Kim, Minsoo P.; Lee, Wang-GeunARTICLE710
2023-09Reversible Na Plating/Stripping with High Areal Capacity Using an Electroconductive Liquid Electrolyte SystemJung, Youngjae; Lee, Seyoung; Kim, Dowan; Park, Jaehyun; Kang, Seok Ju; Kim, Youngsik; Park, Jeong-Sun; Lee, Wang-GeunARTICLE38
2013Rotated domains in chemical vapor deposition-grown monolayer graphene on Cu(111): an angle-resolved photoemission studyJeon, Cheolho; Hwang, Han-Na; Lee, Wang-Geun; Jung, Yong Gyun; Kim, Kwang S.; Park, Chong-Yun; Hwang, Chan-CukARTICLE1100
2019-11Selective separation of Xe/Kr and adsorption of water in a microporous hydrogen-bonded organic frameworkLee, Wang-Geun; Yoon, Tae-Ung; Bae, Youn-Sang; Kim, Kwang S.; Baek, Seung BinARTICLE698
Showing results 1 to 13 of 13