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2018-07-022-D ECE imaging diagnostic for comparative study of MHD instabilities in WEST tokamakNam, YB; Sabot, R; Elbeze, D; Kim, M; Choi, M; Park, Hyeon Keo; Yun, GS; Lee, W; Lotte, PCONFERENCE26
2019-01A large-aperture strip-grid beam splitter for partially combined two millimeter-wave diagnostics on Korea Superconducting Tokamak Advanced ResearchLee, DJ; Lee, W; Park, Hyeon Keo; Kim, TGARTICLE320
2015-06-22Characterization of Edge turbulence in the ELM-crash-suppressed H-mode plasmaLee, J; Choi, MJ; Yun, GS; Lee, W; Park, Hyeon Keo; Luhmann, NCCONFERENCE21
2001-12Characterization of individual block sizes of block copolymers by liquid chromatography at the chromatographic critical conditionHung, TH; Lee, W; Park, Soojin; Cho, DHARTICLE560
2016-07-08Dynamics of the ELMs in pre-crash and crash suppressed period in KSTARPark, Hyeon Keo; Lee, JH; Lee, JH; Yun, GS; Lee, JE; Lee, W; Jeon, YMCONFERENCE20
2016-10-19ELM, Edge turbulence and their interaction in the ELM-crash suppression phase under the n=1 RMPLee, Jaehyun; Yun, GS; Choi, MJ; Lee, W; Park, Hyeon Keo; Jeon, MY; Kwon, JM; Luhmann, Jr, NCCONFERENCE17
2002-07Fractionation of block copolymers prepared by anionic polymerization into fractions exhibiting three different morphologiesPark, Soojin; Cho, D; Ryu, J; Kwon, K; Lee, W; Chang, TARTICLE581
2001-08Liquid chromatography at the critical condition for polyisoprene using a single solventLee, W; Park, Soojin; Chang, TARTICLE574
2017-12Multiscale interaction between a large scale magnetic island and small scale turbulenceChoi, M.J.; Kim, J; Kwon, J-M; Park, Hyeon Keo; In, Yongkyoon; Lee, W; Lee, K.D.; Yun, G.S.; Lee, J; Kim, M; Ko, W.-H.; Lee, J.H.; Park, Y.S.; Na, Y.-S.; Luhmann, NC; Park, B.H.ARTICLE519
2006-07-23Nanoporous Pt/WC as an Anode for Direct Methanol Fuel CellsGanesan, Raman; Ham, D; Lee, Jae Sung; Kim, H; Oh, YJ; Park, J; Lee, WCONFERENCE18
1999Polymer characterization by temperature gradient interaction chromatographyChang, TY; Park, Soojin; Lee, HC; Lee, W; Ko, CHARTICLE608
2002-07Polymer characteriztaion by non-size exclusion chromatograophy: Temperature gradient interaction chromatographyChang, TY; Lee, W; Lee, HC; Cho, DH; Park, SoojinARTICLE638
2017-01-18Solitary perturbation triggering the collapse of edge confinementYun, GS; Park, Hyeon Keo; LEE, JE; Lee, W; Kim, MH; Choi, M; Lee, J; Kim, M; Bak, JG; Ko, WH; Park, YSCONFERENCE11
2017-10-23Study of quasi-coherent fluctuations in low-density ECH and NBI L-mode plasmas on KSTARLee, W; Ko, SH; Leem, J; Yun, GS; Park, Hyeon Keo; Kim, KW; Luhmann Jr, N.CCONFERENCE12
2000-09The stress-activated MAP kinase Sty1/Spc1 and a 3 '-regulatory element mediate UV-induced expression of the uvi15+ gene at the post-transcriptional levelKim, M; Lee, W; Park, Jiyoung; Kim, JB; Jang, YK; Seong, RH; Choe, SY; Park, SDARTICLE558
Showing results 1 to 15 of 15