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2017-05ASXL2 is essential for haematopoiesis and acts as a haploinsufficient tumour suppressor in leukemiaMicol, Jean-Baptiste; Pastore, Alessandro; Inoue, Daichi; Duployez, Nicolas; Kim, Eunhee; Lee, Stanley Chun-Wei; Durham, Benjamin H.; Chung, Young Rock; Cho, Hana; Zhang, Xiao Jing; Yoshimi, Akihide; Krivtsov, Andrei; Koche, Richard; Solary, Eric; Sinha, Amit; Preudhomme, Claude; Abdel-Wahab, OmarARTICLE455
2016-02Diverse and Targetable Kinase Alterations Drive Histiocytic NeoplasmsDiamond, Eli L.; Durham, Benjamin H.; Haroche, Julien; Yao, Zhan; Ma, Jing; Parikh, Sameer A.; Wang, Zhaoming; Choi, John; Kim, Eunhee; Cohen-Aubart, Fleur; Lee, Stanley Chun-Wei; Gao, Yijun; Micol, Jean-Baptiste; Campbell, Patrick; Walsh, Michael P.; Sylvester, Brooke; Dolgalev, Igor; Aminova, Olga; Heguy, Adriana; Zappile, Paul; Nakitandwe, Joy; Ganzel, Chezi; Dalton, James D.; Ellison, David W.; Estrada-Veras, Juvianee; Lacouture, Mario; Gahl, William A.; Stephens, Philip J.; Miller, Vincent A.; Ross, Jeffrey S.; Ali, Siraj M.; Briggs, Samuel R.; Fasan, Omotayo; Block, Jared; Heritier, Sebastien; Donadieu, Jean; Solit, David B.; Hyman, David M.; Baselga, Jose; Janku, Filip; Taylor, Barry S.; Park, Christopher Y.; Amoura, Zahir; Dogan, Ahmet; Emile, Jean-Francois; Rosen, Neal; Gruber, Tanja A.; Abdel-Wahab, OmarARTICLE569
2016-06Modulation of splicing catalysis for therapeutic targeting of leukemia with mutations in genes encoding spliceosomal proteinsLee, Stanley Chun-Wei; Dvinge, Heidi; Kim, Eunhee; Cho, Hana; Micol, Jean-Baptiste; Chung, Young Rock; Durham, Benjamin H.; Yoshimi, Akihide; Kim, Young Joon; Thomas, Michael; Lobry, Camille; Chen, Chun-Wei; Pastore, Alessandro; Taylor, Justin; Wang, Xujun; Krivtsov, Andrei; Armstrong, Scott A.; Palacino, James; Buonamici, Silvia; Smith, Peter G.; Bradley, Robert K.; Abdel-Wahab, OmarARTICLE532
2018-08Synthetic Lethal and Convergent Biological Effects of Cancer-Associated Spliceosomal Gene MutationsLee, Stanley Chun-Wei; North, Khrystyna; Kim, Eunhee; Jang, Eunjung; Obeng, Esther; Lu, Sydney X.; Liu, Bo; Inoue, Daichi; Yoshimi, Akihide; Ki, Michelle; Yeo, Mirae; Zhang, Xiao Jing; Kim, Min Kyung; Cho, Hana; Chung, Young Rock; Taylor, Justin; Durham, Benjamin H.; Kim, Young Joon; Pastore, Alessandro; Monette, Sebastien; Palacino, James; Seiler, Michael; Buonamici, Silvia; Smith, Peter G.; Ebert, Benjamin L.; Bradley, Robert K.; Abdel-Wahab, OmarARTICLE518
Showing results 1 to 4 of 4