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2017-06-01Are curved displays ergonomically advantageous over flat displays? Some positive results from three display curvature studies on monitors and TVsPark, Sungryul; Yi, Jihhyeon; Choi, Donghee; Lee, Songil; Kyung, GyouhyungCONFERENCE51
2020-02Curved TVs improved watching experience when display curvature radii approached viewing distances: Effects of display curvature radius, viewing distance, and lateral viewing position on TV watching experiencePark, Sungryul; Kyung, Gyouhyung; Yi, Jihhyeon; Choi, Donghee; Lee, SongilARTICLE125
2018-10-01Determining ergonomic forms for rollable display devicesLee, Songil; Choi, Donghee; Choi, Hyeeun; Hwang, Kitae; Park, Seonghyeok; Kim, Minjung; Yi, Jihhyeong; Kyung, Gyouhyung; Kim, Si JungCONFERENCE70
2019-02Determining Ergonomic Smartphone Forms With High Grip Comfort and Attractive DesignLee, Songil; Kyung, Gyouhyung; Yi, Jihhyeon; Choi, Donghee; Park, Sungryul; Choi, Byeonghwa; Lee, SeungbaeARTICLE529
2017-09Development of ergonomic gun barrel cleaning method: Automation and its advantagesNam, Kyung Hyun; Lee, Songil; Kyung, Gyouhyung; An, Jihwan; An, SangjinARTICLE567
2017-06-01Effects of display curvature and hand length on smartwatch touch interactionYi, Jihhyeon; Lee, Songil; Park, Sungryul; Choi, Donghee; Kyung, GyouhyungCONFERENCE42
2019-07Effects of display curvature and task duration on proofreading performance, visual discomfort, visual fatigue, mental workload, and user satisfactionPark, Sungryul; Kyung, Gyouhyung; Choi, Donghee; Yi, Jihhyeon; Lee, Songil; Choi, Byeonghwa; Lee, SeungbaeARTICLE396
2016-09-22Effects of display curvature and task duration on proofreading task performance, visual fatigue, visual discomfort, and display satisfactionPark, Sungryul; Yi, Jinhyeong; Choi, Donghee; Lee, Songil; Kyung, Gyouhyung; Choi, Byeonghwa; Lee, Ja Eun; Lee, SeungbaeCONFERENCE62
2017-04Effects of display curvature, display zone, and task duration on legibility and visual fatigue during visual search taskPark, Sungryul; Choi, Donghee; Yi, Jihyeon; Lee, Songil; Lee, Ja Eun; Choi, Byeonghwa; Lee, Seungbae; Kyung, GyouhyungARTICLE880
2015-04-08Effects of TV curvature, viewing distance, viewing position on presence and watching experienceKyung, Gyouhyung; Park, Sungyul; Yi, Jihhyeon; Choi, Donghee; Lee, SongilCONFERENCE44
2015-10-15Ergonomic design and evaluation of Combat Engineering Vehicle (CEV) for future Korean soldiersKyung, Gyouhyung; Nam, Kyung Hyun; Lee, Songil; Kim, Jong HoonCONFERENCE39
2019-02Ergonomic Design Guidelines for Non-flexible, Foldable, and Rollable Mobile DevicesKyung, Gyouhyung; Lee, SongilDoctoral thesis429
2012-11-01Ergonomic improvements of armored personnel carrier by using digital human modeling toolsKyung, Gyouhyung; Nam, Kyunghyun; Park, Sungryul; Lee, Songil; Lee, Jeongyeob; Kim, Jonghyun; Shin, Yongcheol; Kim, ChiungCONFERENCE43
2017-06-01Formative Evaluation of Diverse Flexible Display Product Concepts Using Mock-Ups and Strategy CanvasKim, Minjoong; Yi, Jihhyeon; Lee, Songil; Choi, Donghee; Park, Sungryul; Kyung, GyouhyungCONFERENCE46
2016-11Grasp and index finger reach zone during one-handed smartphone rear interaction: effects of task type, phone width and hand lengthLee, Songil; Kyung, Gyouhyung; Lee, Jungyoung; Moon, Seung Ki; Park, Kyoung JongARTICLE951
2012-11-01Mouse redesign - Relation between pressure and perceived discomfortKyung, Gyouhyung; Baek, Sujeong; Choi, Donghee; Lee, SongilCONFERENCE44
2017-10-09Rear interaction zones of 140 smartphone models vs. ergonomic recommendationLee, Songil; Kyung, GyouhyungCONFERENCE52
2015-04-08Review of presence and its subcategories, and preliminary study on effects of context and contents on presenceKyung, Gyouhyung; Yi, Jihhyeon; Park, Sungyul; Choi, Donghee; Lee, SongilCONFERENCE37
2020-08Shaping Rollable Display Devices: Effects of Gripping Condition, Device Thickness, and Hand Length on Bimanual Perceived Grip ComfortLee, Songil; Kyung, Gyouhyung; Kim, Minjoong; Choi, Donghee; Choi, Hyeeun; Hwang, Kitae; Park, Seonghyeok; Kim, Su Young; Lee, SeungbaeARTICLE269
2015-10-15Smartphone rear touch interaction and user behaviorsKyung, Gyouhyung; Lee, SongilCONFERENCE40
Showing results 1 to 20 of 21